A Brief Recap of the Media Hating White People

A Brief Recap of the Media Hating White People

Last week, conservatives had the best week ever with the Mueller report asserting no collusion, $1 billion in border wall funds secured, Michael Avenatti arrested, the Green New Deal unanimously voted down, and Obamacare ruled unconstitutional by a federal court. The only way the week could have been better is if Jussie Smollett got his ass kicked for real this time. To cope with the devastation, leftist media took some time out to reflect on their incredibly flawed logic and rethink how they could have gotten it all so wrong. Just kidding, they spent the entire week shitting on white people. 

The first anti-white news story came when Us director, Jordan Peele told the Hollywood Reporter “I don’t see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie. Not that I don’t like white dudes. But I’ve seen that movie.” To be fair, I don’t really consider Peele’s statement that controversial. He is correct when he notes the absence of black leads in horror films. And certainly, if Us is as good as Get Out, then horror film aficionados like myself can’t wait to watch more of Peele’s work. But the quality of Peele’s films has nothing to do with the fact that he or the cast is black. It is because he is a good director, the story is compelling, and the acting is well done. Skin color does not determine talent. 

The next story came out of Savannah, Georgia where a public mayoral candidate meeting restricted any white members of the media from attending, brazenly putting up signage stating ‘Black Press Only.’ One of the mayoral candidates, Alderman Van Johnson, was interviewed afterward and offered no immediate condemnation for the blatant racism. He did apologize two days later however. Perhaps it dawned on him that he might actually have to placate the white constituents of Savannah.  

The following day Facebook announced that it would be banning white nationalist and white separatist content from the platform. Now I am no ethno-state advocate, after all my husband wouldn’t be allowed into Richard Spencer’s utopia, but the new Facebook regulations along with the previous two stories have a common denominator. None would pass the ‘shoe on the other foot’ test. No white director would ever be allowed to say what Jordan Peele said, nationwide outrage would ensue at any ‘whites only’ signage, and black separatist groups like the Black Hebrew Israelites are still present on Facebook. Perhaps this is the new form of the soft bigotry of low expectations, where whites are held to a higher moral standard. In the same way minority students are admitted entry into universities with much lower test scores, progressives think so poorly of minorities that they don’t even think they are capable of basic human decency and not being racist towards whites, hence they’ll allow it. 

But the trash whitey media still had more bias excrement to push when a study was published that asserts white peoples’ diets disproportionately hurt the environment as their food requires more water and greenhouse gases to produce. The offending foods include beef, potatoes, apples, and milk. However, this study should not be confused with the PNAS study that alleges whites disproportionately contribute to air pollution. Mind you, the data set for ‘white people’ in the PNAS study oddly includes Asians and Native Americans. Poor Asians, they are slowly losing their minority status for the crime of being productive members of society. I have yet to confirm whether this same measure of academic integrity applies to the “white peoples’ food is racist” study. 

But my personal favorite of the week comes from the op-ed page of The New York Times, titled I Broke Up With Her Because She’s White. This one is particularly special because in the writer’s pathetic attempt to look ‘woke’ he actually reveals the true disdain for whites within minority communities, something I know about firsthand. The author, who is of Dominican decent, reveals the pressure put on him by his community stating “brown and black people in my community started giving me a hard time about dating white women.” As someone in an inter-racial marriage, I know this is to be absolute fact. Despite the left’s pitiful attempts to always portray whites as uncomfortable with mixed relationships, the animosity I myself have faced has invariably come from non-whites. Thankfully, my melanin-rich (and extremely good-looking) husband had the courage to tell the naysayers to piss off, unlike the spineless coward who wrote this tripe. None of my friends or family have ever chastised me for dating outside of my race/religion/culture. In fact, leftists always assume I’m one of them because of it. Darker husbands tend to invoke invitations to progressive dinner parties… and subsequent dis-invitations when they find out I’m conservative. 

The Times author goes on to share the touching moment his mother disclosed her pregnancy to his father. In that moment they “made a commitment to give us children everything they never had, to strive and achieve and provide for us….” These noble aspirations were chided by members of their own community with allegations of ‘trying to act white.’ This self-inflicted degradation and stupidity are rife within minority communities. And in my humble but usually correct opinion, this is what holds them back. It is precisely this attitude toward success that infuriates me. Whites do not equate productive behavior and success to being white; minorities do, as evidenced by the author’s own words. You don’t get to constantly complain about white incomes, wealth, and educational attainment while simultaneously degrading the very behavior it takes to achieve those things. 

Word of advice to minorities, stop shitting on each other for trying to better your life. You know what my children will never have to deal with? They will never be made fun of for speaking proper English. Minority children do not have the same luxury, and that is categorically the fault of the adult minorities within their community. But I’m sure some liberal arts graduate can find a way to blame whites for minorities self-destructive behavior. Check the comment section later.

The week ended with the nauseating twitter hashtag, #mywhiteprivilege. Tweeters shared banal and fictitious stories that they consider to be evidence of this illusive privilege. One woman complained of the fact that she can walk into any hair salon and they will know how to cut and color her hair, and this apparently exemplifies her privilege. I guess she never considered the fact that she lives in a majority white country so naturally market forces would supply services to the largest demographic. I myself am wholly offended by my lack of this same privilege living in China. How dare Chinese hair salons not be fully stocked with every shade of trailer trash blonde to accommodate my needs?!? 

Another user alleged that he was able to evade prosecution for DUI, reckless driving, 16 tickets, marijuana possession, and leave jail under a $100 bond, all because he is white. This assuredly did not happen… unless he is a member of the Kennedy family.  

Alas, there was still a plethora of white shaming by the media in regards to how Democratic presidential candidates with the plague of pale skin can overcome this fault by choosing running mates of darker complexions to make that perfect caramel colored running ticket. At this point, the only way a white person wins the Democratic primary is if they strip naked and parade around the town square, Cersi Lanister style, and atone for the sin of being white. 

But rest assured, for the wise folks reading this blog, it is indeed ok to be white.  

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