Empathy: A Unique Characteristic of the West & How We Are Losing It

Empathy: A Unique Characteristic of the West & How We Are Losing It

The destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral sent shockwaves across the western world. Notre Dame isn’t just a Cathedral, it’s a symbol of western civilization. A structure that signifies the West’s love for beauty, architecture, art, and God. The men who built the church knew they would never live to see its beautiful completion. That’s a dedication no one of the modern age can understand. But while westerners wept for the cherished holy site, others celebrated its demise. This is the fundamental difference between the West and everywhere else: empathy.  

As live footage of the enflamed building hit the internet, comment sections were simultaneously flooded with despicable cheers of glee, smiley face emojis, and accusations of karma for colonialization. The vile, disgusting specimens of human excrement were either non-western or self-loathing western leftists joining in the merriment. You can find excerpts of this garbage below. I also encourage you to check out Andy Ngo’s and Paul Joseph Watson’s coverage of those pleased with the fire.

A snapshot of some of the commenters celebrating the fire at Notre Dame.

These individuals were not lurking on the dark web to express their adoration for the fire. They were unabashedly showcasing their excitement on mainstream media like France 24 and Al Jazeera (which should give you a good indication of the lineage of some of the commenters.) Also note that these comments were made while the fire was still ablaze, BEFORE authorities confirmed that there were no casualties. The lack of concern for human life is astounding.

Contrast this brazen behavior with the West’s reaction to other worldly atrocities, whether they be natural disasters or man-made tragedies. When an earthquake hits Japan, we don’t say “Haha, that’s for Pearl Harbor!” When a terrorist blows himself up in a Turkish airport we don’t call that retribution for Constantinople. 

When an Australian psychopath gunned down 50 Muslims during Friday prayers, CNN wasn’t overwhelmed with reverence for the shooter. Instead, Westerners expressed sympathy and sadness. There is an odd air of collective guilt whenever one of our own commits such an abominable act. We don’t celebrate or ignore it. Instead, we don hijabs in solidarity with the victims and broadcast the call to prayer over our cities. The West looks inward and asks what did we do wrong. The left blames poverty, lack of resources, or the gun; conservatives blame family structure or lack of it. Nevertheless, there is a bipartisan consensus that perhaps we could have done something to prevent it. Other cultures do not share this communal culpability when one of their brethren commits mass murder.

The joyous rhetoric for the destruction of one of our holy sites should show westerners why it’s so important to safeguard our culture and why we must be mindful of who we let in to share it with. I have been fortunate enough to see many foreign wonders like The Great Wall, Angkor Wat, Stonehenge, and the Grand Mosque. It would never bring me pleasure to see any of those cultural treasures destroyed. But that sentiment is not shared equally amongst all cultures and certainly not reciprocated towards our own.

Even more concerning is the western shame within our own citizenry. We can protect ourselves from the outsiders who care not for the glorious beauty our culture has created. The real danger lies within our own borders, with our kin who are so indoctrinated into anti-Western propaganda that they would have happily supplied more kerosene to the raging fire. The left doesn’t mourn the loss of the symbols of our civilization, especially if they have anything to do with Christianity. The empathy that we have for others derives precisely from our Judeo-Christian values, which is exactly why leftists don’t have any. They despise our culture and the virtues it represents. The more of our culture that we concede to leftism, the more we risk losing the cherished virtue of empathy.

One might also point out that the absolutely thoughtless “they deserved it” logic of these anti-western civilization trolls does not bode well when applied to other nations. If we are to accept that modern day disasters are karmic social justice for past wrong-doing, one might only look to the most dysfunctional countries in the world like Haiti, Bangladesh, or most African nations and have to conclude that those countries’ ancestors must have been so remarkably and inextricably evil that they warrant the insufferable conditions that their populace live in today. If our worst vengeance is the loss of a church, then by leftist logic, that only proves the moral superiority of Western culture. 

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