No More Spanish For Hispanics… Sorry Hombre

No More Spanish For Hispanics… Sorry Hombre

Anne Coulter once said that sometimes it can be difficult to debate liberals because every so often they say something so incomprehensibly stupid that you don’t even know how to respond to such utter retardation. This is one of those moments. Imagine being so daft that you don’t even know that Spanish comes from Spain? Guaranteed the person who wrote the above excerpt took out at least $100k in debt to become indoctrinated with this garbage and thinks there are an infinite number of genders.

But rather than try and convince leftists that this philosophy is unintelligible and racist, I am in total agreement with them. Speaking another civilization’s language is indeed cultural appropriation and I won’t stand for such bigotry. That’s why I propose that from this point forward Central Americans should no longer be allowed to speak Spanish. They must now speak Aztec.

Unfortunately for the commenter above, Spanish is indeed a white language. Sure, the Spaniards are slightly tanner and better looking than the rest of us European mutts, but they are European and white. Sorry liberals, Spanish belongs to the whites. 

While I understand this language change will be drastic, fear not, the Aztec language, formally known as Nahuatl is still spoken by at least 1.5 million people in Mexico today! So, it can easily be reintroduced into the cultures south of our border. Unfortunately, they won’t be allowed to use the Roman alphabet that the Spaniards introduced to the natives when they translated Aztec into written word for the indigenous people. Unlucky for Western Hispanics, the Roman alphabet belongs to European whites too and simply allowing them to continue using it would only reinforce the elements of European imperialism, white supremacy, and be a daily reminder of the genocide committed against the native cultures. Instead, Aztec speakers will have to return to pictograms used before the evil, white Conquistadors arrived and supplied the alphabet, the wheel, and draft animals.

In better news, the new Aztec speakers will be allowed to use the unique numerical symbols created by their ancestors as well as the Aztec calendar. Additionally, now uninhibited from the shackles of Western morals and what is deemed appropriate behavior, these indigenous people should be free, better yet encouraged, to re-establish the practice of human sacrifice. After all culture is relative and who are we to judge other civilization’s customs.

Leftists are absolutely right when they demand that any remnants of colonialism among non-whites be destroyed. It’s only fair that we unburden these poor minorities with the language our ancestors forced them to speak. We must take back the Spanish language and permit only white Europeans to use it… except Beto O’Rourke. He will only be allowed to speak in Gaelic.

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