Trannies Win the Oppression Olympics

Trannies Win the Oppression Olympics

I’ve often wondered which marginalized demographic is the most sought after. Whenever leftists congregate they get into a Texas Hold Em’ style betting match bragging about their accomplished victim status.

Liberal 1 – “Hi, I’m black.”

Liberal 2 – “Hi, I’m also black but also gay.”

Liberal 3 – “Well, I’m also black, gay, and I’m undocumented.”

Liberal 4 – “Oh yeah, well I’m black, gay, undocumented, disabled AND transgender.”

Everyone gazes in awe at this perfect specimen of oppression and then proceeds to share their preferred pronouns.

If you are still unsure which of these subjugated minorities resides in the coveted top tier, it is undoubtedly the transgenders. This has been made abundantly clear based on the brazen degenerate behavior of one Jonathan Yaniv. 

Jonathan is a transgender female (so a dude), apparently goes by Jessica and prefers to be referred to as she/her. However, I will not be referring to this cretin as Jessica or she/her.

(For the record, I would usually oblige one’s pronouns out of politeness, despite the absurdity, but as I suspect Yaniv is faking being transgender to exploit young girls, I will not extend him the courtesy.)  

Johnathan Yaniv has filed a total of 16 complaints against beauty salons in Canada after they refused to perform a Brazilian wax on him. Mr. Yaniv has not transitioned and still has male genitalia. This obviously makes for an incredibly uncomfortable situation for the female waxing staff at these businesses, many of which are owned by immigrants. One salon owner, an immigrant from Brazil, has closed her business due to Yaniv’s incessant harassment to wax his balls.

Yaniv has taken his complaint all the way to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. This tax-payer funded entity is actually taking Yaniv’s ludicrous complaint seriously and might possibly rule that salons must provide him the waxing service. The Canadian government is earnestly considering forcing women to touch male genitalia, essentially making this state sanctioned sexual assault. 

Johnathan is also using the means of his local city council to obtain a permit for an “All-Bodies Swim’ event where teenage girls, as young as 12, will be permitted to swim topless. Mr. Yaniv is masquerading this pedophilic soiree as an ‘LGBTQ2S+’ event that is meant to be ‘safe and inclusive.’ This inclusivity does not include parents however, as the appeal states parents are prohibited from attending.

How both the Canadian federal government and local council are even considering Jonathan Yaniv’s obvious perverted requests is beyond ominous. No one in the Canadian government is batting an eye when this ogre in a dress arrives at city hall demanding access to topless teens and mandated testicle fondling. 

If these details weren’t vile enough, Johnathan also has a sick obsession with young girls and their menstrual cycle. In a series of messages that can be viewed here (warning, they are disgusting), Jonathan allegedly discusses approaching young girls, aged 10-12, and discussing the use of feminine hygiene products with them. He even asks if he should ‘teach’ young girls how to use feminine products.

His sexual predator status could not be clearer if he had just arrived at a New Jersey beach house with pizza and beer only to be greeted by Chris Hansen when he walked in the door. In fact, one victim has already come out publicly and alleged that Yaniv engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviors online with her when she was between the ages of 14 and 15. The victim has confirmed she has filed a child exploitation report against Yaniv. Screenshots of his online conversations and recordings can be found in the hyperlink. Again, they are overtly sexual and disgusting.  

While it appears the Canadian authorities are going to tolerate Johnathan Yaniv’s conduct, private citizens have tried to sound the alarm about Yaniv on Twitter, but have paid the price for their forewarnings. Meghan Murphy, who owns the website Feminist Current, wrote an article detailing Yaniv’s litigious zealotry and in doing so referred to Mr. Yaniv correctly as ‘him.’ For this crime of accuracy, Murphy was banned from Twitter. Free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd suffered the same fate as Murphy when she engaged with Yaniv on Twitter and also referred to him as a man. During his online quarrel with Shepherd, Yaniv made fun of a medical condition Shepherd suffers from known as septate uterus, which is known to cause high rates of pregnancy loss. Yaniv has received no suspension or termination for his insults. 

So according to the speech overlords at Twitter, calling a man a man is grounds for account termination, but using social media for sexual predation and attacking women for medical conditions is perfectly acceptable.

What we are witnessing is a trend of creeping pedophilia, deemed perfectly acceptable by the Canadian government and Twitter. In normal society, child predators are the worst of the worst. Even in prison, the child rapists are regarded as the most lowly of scum. But apparently, at least in Canada and on Twitter, child exploitation is acceptable if the perpetrator is transgender. Yaniv is even able to torment leftist allies like feminists and immigrants and can do so with impunity, as they are below him in the tier.

It is clear now that the trannies are untouchable… which is why I now identify as a man. 

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