In Defense of the Trad Wives

In Defense of the Trad Wives

The past few weeks, the media has portrayed an unusual amount of scorn for mothers who choose to stay home. To the chagrin of feminists, there is now a large movement of women from across the world who refer to themselves as Trad Wives (short for traditional). These women fully embrace the term as they consider raising children, maintaining the home, and supporting their husband worthy endeavors. But for progressives, the term has become a pejorative, used to portray full time mothers as submissive slaves to the patriarchy, confined by a cult of domesticity.

The trad wife backlash kick started after BBC Stories featured a 6-minute video of traditional home-maker Alena Kate Pettitt detailing her life and her responsibilities in the home. Alena admits that her husband comes first in her house and she would never expect him to work all day only to come home to do housework, that’s her job. It took the BBC precisely 1 minute and 15 seconds to associate this way of life with neo-Nazism. Twitter followed suit with users reacting with displeasure that the BBC would showcase something so appalling. 

After the initial broadcast and subsequent backlash, Alena made the rounds on several British morning shows to defend the lifestyle that millions of women across the world have embraced. Hosts grilled her with insinuations that her way of life was ‘unrealistic’ or that her husband’s role was more important than hers. The show hosts were vigilant in their insistence that feminism is about choice, but it was obvious they felt Alena and women like her had made the wrong choice. 

Sadly, demeaning stay at home mothers everywhere and calling them racist for doing so was not enough for the media as The Times UK attempted to one-up this idiocy by publishing a piece that likened trad wives to extremism and a subservient class of women similar to ISIS brides. A description I suppose is fairly accurate as I often plot to behead my enemies while making French toast.

The contempt for traditional wives continued down under when an Australian mom’s Facebook post was the criticized by The Today Show. 

The original post read “I always make sure I don’t go to bed until everyone’s lunches are packed, their clothes are set out for the next day including my husband’s and the house is clean, dishwasher is on and load of washing is on,” Brooke Smith posted on Facebook.

“I always get up early, 4:30 with husband to make his breakfast and coffee,” she added.

The hosts couldn’t even read through the excerpt in full without scoffing at the mere thought of a mother’s regimen to keep her home clean and husband fed. 

“Who? Who are these people?” responded a male host, adding, “Has he hypnotized her or something? Who does this stuff? Making his breakfast and then putting his clothes out…is he disabled or something?”

“Seriously, get a grip, get off your bum and do stuff yourself,” he continued.

For the record, the husband in question owns an MMA gym. So not only does he endure the stress of providing for his family and his employees, his job is also physically demanding. But I wouldn’t expect a man in makeup that gives his opinion for a living to understand that.

The reactions of television hosts and media elites around the globe would have you believe that trad wives are some sort of fringe group, relegated to wealthy suburbs. But is that really the case?

Surface level data figures confirm the notion that millions of mothers are schlepping their offspring to daycare and working full time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 70% of mothers are in the work force, 75% of which are full time. Therefore, in a group of 100 mothers, 70 will work and 52 of them will work full time with 18 working part time. This makes the ratio between the full-time working moms and the part-time/non-working moms appear a little more even but let’s dive even further into the numbers.  

Of those 52 full time working moms, 33% of them are in fact single moms, totaling 17 mothers. Single parent households don’t have the luxury of choosing whether to work or not. Presumably, with a partner in the picture, at least of few of the single moms would prefer to stay at home or work less.  It would be disingenuous for progressives to claim full-time single mother workers as some grand feat for the culture given that they don’t have the option to do otherwise. 

Even the category of ‘part-time’ has a rather broad definition of working less than 35 hours per week. This means a mother who puts in 32 hours is the same as myself who works about 3 hours per week. 

Furthermore, these are the figures for all mothers with a child under the age of 18. When you start to break down the children’s ages into sub groups, the younger the children are, the fewer women are present in the work force and the hours worked decrease. 

What these numbers actually show is that nearly half of all mothers, and OVER half of mothers with children under 6, are choosing to prioritize the family over career in some capacity. Whether that be not working at all or working partially, mothers want to take care of their families. Similar statistical figures can be found in the UK and Australia. From South Korea to Switzerland, women worldwide find value in raising their children and being homemakers. Contrary to the mainstream morons, Koreans aren’t breeding and donning aprons in preparation for the Fourth Reich. 

I have lived in five countries as a mother, from the Far East, the Middle East, Europe, and America. Everywhere I go, mothers want the same thing. To raise their own children AND work (a little). There isn’t a universal conspiracy among men to keep women housebound. Especially since we will apparently do their jobs for 77 cents on the dollar. Women simply want to be in the home.   

The stark reality is that for all of the media’s degradation of the trad wife, they are outnumbered by those of us that stay home. And perhaps it might humble them to realize that the particular demographic that is watching their 9 am talk show, are precisely the mothers who woke up early to make coffee and breakfast for their husbands.  

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