Nigerian Privilege

Nigerian Privilege

The war on white privilege is permeating throughout the entire world. As a white person, I am anxiously aggrieved by the obsessive persecution of my fellow whites and I’m feverishly in fear that my white privilege will be looted from me like a loaf of bread taken from a New York deli. How will I survive without the constant assistance that this white supremacist system provides me? Out of pure self-preservation, we need to shift the focus of the mob towards another group that has been stealthily benefitting from their privilege unscathed… the Nigerians.    

Perhaps you are unaware, but Nigerians are one of the most successful demographics in the United States. While the average household income in the United States is $61,937, the median income for households of Nigerian ancestry is $68,658.

In fact, 10% of Nigerian headed households earn over $140,000 annually and 25% earn over $90,000 annually.

Nigerian immigrants rank in the top ten for both the percentage of persons 16 and older that are employed and the percentage with college degrees. 

Nigerians are also one of the most educated demographics in the country. Of people over the age of 25, 37% of Nigerians hold a bachelor’s degree and 29% hold an advanced degree, compared to 20% and 11% of the total US population respectively. 

Of the black student population at Harvard, a quarter are Nigerian. And the first black woman president to ever be elected to the Harvard Law Review… a Nigerian.

And while Nigerians make up less than 1% of the total US population, they are nearly non-existent in the criminal justice system…. except of course for the two men who ruthlessly assaulted Jussie Smollet.

Now how is all this humanly possible? I have it on good authority from the progressive left that every institution in America operates under structural racism. This structure is perfectly crafted with the levers and pullies that raise whites and demote blacks accordingly. Additionally, our entire society is maneuvered to inundate blacks with relentless white racism at every point of contact, whether that be an innocuous encounter at Chipotle or computing the simplest of math problems.

How are Nigerians circumventing the perfectly laid minefield of oppression IEDs that our forefathers built in order for whites to reign supreme? 

Are we to accept that this Nigerian exceptionalism is due to merit? That the Nigerian diaspora are kicking ass and taking names by their own accord?

Is there some sort of reverence for education and fiscal responsibility in Nigerian households? An emphasis on a strong nuclear family with a father in the home? A rejection of gang culture and sexual degeneracy? 

Can’t be. It’s just Nigerian privilege.

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