The Overton Window is Increasingly Narrow… and Pale

The Overton Window is Increasingly Narrow… and Pale

It’s absolutely exhausting keeping up with the woke scolds in 2020. Simple pleasantries like showing affection towards a child is now a form of racism. Hell, even if a black guy runs you over it’s still considered some weird form of white supremacy

But as mundane activities and banal statements become ever more regulated by the progressive army of idiots, it appears that freedom reigns if you are criticizing the correct demons, I mean demographic… the whites.

So far this week, Nick Cannon showed his reverence for whites when he described us as ‘evil’, ‘barbaric,’ ‘savages,’ and ‘animals.’ He also asserted that white peoples’ lack of melanin causes us to lack compassion. He then went on to accuse the Jews of stealing black peoples’ birthright as the true Hebrews. Cannon was subsequently fired from Viacom, but only for the ‘anti-Semitic comments.’ Apparently calling white people animals is totally kosher. I would feel sympathy for the poor schmuck losing his job but I’m severely deficient in melanin so genetically I can’t muster up the compassion.

And while one media company is trying to distance itself from certain bigotry, another is making hating white people a new feature on their app. This week, Instagram rolled out the ‘Mute White People’ button in the stories function. I’m not sure what to make of this. On one hand, whites are told to be quiet and elevate black voices while at the same time we hear ‘white silence is violence.’ Perhaps a zoomer can instruct me how to properly use this new feature so that I can portray the sufficient amount of white guilt on social media.

In the progressive petri dish that is San Francisco, a white museum curator was forced to resign from his position, held for 20 years, after colleagues accused him of holding ‘toxic white supremacist beliefs.’ His crime? He agreed to collect pieces of art created by minorities but also said he would still feature art created by white people. His colleagues did not appreciate this inclusivity.

The brazen bigotry against those of us with fairer skin is not just troubling, it’s now becoming dangerous. In the past two weeks we’ve seen two highly publicized examples of white people lawfully defending themselves with firearms, only to be charged by local authorities afterwards.

In a Detroit suburb, an explosive argument ensued after a white woman accidentally bumped into a black teenager while exiting a Chipotle. The video that was initially released by the press only showed the final 40 seconds of the encounter where we see the white woman pulling a gun on the black teen and her mother. Accusations of racism ensued, and then the remaining 60% of the video was released. In full context, the black women berated this white couple, calling them ‘racist’ and ‘ignorant,’ all while threatening to ‘beat your white ass too.’ The white couple repeatedly tried to de-escalate, disengage, and leave. The black women were the instigators and desperately wanted to throw hands… until they were faced with a Glock. It was at that point the aggressors turned into the “victims.” 

For this legitimate form of defense, the white couple have been charged with felonious assault and both were fired from their jobs. 

In St. Louis, a mob of Black Lives Matter protesters broke into a private neighborhood by destroying the wrought iron gate at the entrance. With the mob quite literally at their doorstep and after being threatened with arson of their home and business and the assassination of their dog, the McCloskeys armed themselves and successfully dispersed the crowd with their superior weaponry. Without firing a shot, their property, persons, and dog remained safe, but their weapons have now been confiscated by police while the city’s chief prosecutor, Kimberly Gardner finagles some imaginary charges to punish the couple. The McCloskey’s have been subject to a slew of negative press because apparently not allowing the mob to burn down your home and kill your pet is part of structural racism. 

We are witnessing the deliberate pursuit and sometimes state sanctioned targeting of white people. This new social justice posse comitatus is hell bent on destroying the lives of innocent people and making it impossible to earn a living, which is quite a self-defeating tactic. I mean where do they suppose these reparations are going to come from?

Behavior that would normally be considered beyond the pale, pun intended, is now perfectly acceptable so as long as the prey is fairest of them all. 

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