It’s All About the Narrative

It’s All About the Narrative

To claim that today’s news stories are more narrative than reporting is hardly a revelation.  Saunter through news sources – television, internet, your favorite podcast, or from your Facebook friends, and you will see different narratives crafted around the same facts.  The narratives quote facts, real facts, but reach contradictory conclusions.  As you read through today’s news stories, it pays to be attentive to the underlying narrative the reporter or the network is telling you.  

For example, it can be alleged that the Democrat party appears to be colluding with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to defeat Trump using any means necessary or that the globalists are conspiring to create a new world order.  I am sure it wouldn’t surprise anyone that Xi and the CCP would prefer dealing with Biden as President, which was admitted as much by Pelosi herself.  And what if this narrative were relentlessly and mind-numbingly repeated day after day, night after night.  Would you be surprised if anyone questioned its authenticity?

Could such an allegation stand up to scrutiny?  Well, let’s look at some facts.

  • The Democrat party and the Biden family specifically, has a very cozy and lucrative relationship with Chinese companies and by extension, the CCP. 
  • The US awarded $3+ million to the Wuhan Virology lab through a 3rd party to conduct research on bat viruses.
  • January 2020 – the Democrat supported globalist organization WHO identifies novel pneumonia virus in China but asserts no human-to-human transmission and advises against travel restrictions.  The genome is sequenced and shared.  
  • WHO issues only 6 Disease Outbreak News stories about the Coronavirus between 1/5 and 1/21, and no more. Why did they stop?
  • January 23, 2020:  CDC begins work on a vaccine to COVID-19 on the same day that Dr. Fauci tells the American public that the risk to the US is very low. 

If the risk is low and unworthy of travel restrictions, why is the US expending resources to develop a vaccine?  Did the CDC and Fauci know the risks were much higher and that a vaccine would be necessary?  Or maybe the CDC started working on the vaccine because they knew how long such things take, meaning it wouldn’t be available until after the election when the Democrats could swoop in to save everyone.  Could Dr. Fauci be this devious?  One never knows.

  • President Trump closes the US border to Chinese travelers and the Democrats explode calling him every kind of racist. 
  • In the face of American infections, Democrat politicians Nancy Pelosi and Mayor De Blasio urge citizens to participate actively in Chinese New Year’s celebrations.  Did they want people to get sick, to die?  Did they not take the threat seriously?
  • In February – CDC begins rolling out their coronavirus test kits.  The test kits fail due to contamination, the distribution process fails to prioritize hardest hit areas, and the testing process is flawed as it relies on just the CDC for analyzing and reporting testing results.  And it takes a month to address the testing issues including the single point of failure risk.  

Could the CDC and the FDA have really been this incompetent in the face of a global pandemic or were the missteps deliberate in order to make the Trump Administration look non-responsive and feeble?

  • Mid-March – in response to horrifying (and now discredited) model numbers, the Administration advises states to lockdown all non-essential economic activity.  For the Democrats, who are struggling to complete with Trump on economic issues, this is a very welcome decision as it is the only way the economy could be quashed. 
  • Meanwhile China accuses the US military of being the source of the virus.

But…. But….. But….

  • Mid-May, Administration actions seem to be working.  The Coronavirus numbers are stabilizing, States are opening back up.  Oh no!  This could mean a resurgence of positive economic activity.  Where would that leave the Democrats?

And this is where the story gets scarier!

  • May 25, George Floyd is killed – and the Dems seize on the opportunity to unleash their storm troopers (deliberate phrasing) and the summer of riots, looting and thuggery is triggered – ignoring the CDC guidance to socially distance and wear masks.

Lo and behold – two weeks after the “mostly peaceful protests” began, Coronavirus numbers begin skyrocketing and they haven’t stopped.  Mission accomplished.  The Administration looks terrible, incompetent, unresponsive and feeble.

And doing the CCP bidding, Pelosi now refers to the virus as the Trump virus.  Hollywood know nothings like Josh Gad blame Trump for 150,000 deaths.

Today the mainstream media is censoring news – notably, the riots and looting and treatments for COVID-19 – similar to the Chinese lies about COVID-19 in China.  Is Xi directing Nancy, Google, Facebook and Twitter?  

Was the Administration incompetent, unresponsive and feeble in its COVID-19 response?  Were the lockdowns stringent enough? With the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, should lockdowns be re-imposed?  

Does this narrative sell?  Does this narrative fit the facts?  If this narrative were repeated endlessly every day, every night, and throughout the media, I truly believe the American public would be highly suspicious of not just the CCP but the Democrat’s alleged collusion as they see their country simultaneously torn apart by a pandemic and Democrat supported, marauding violence.  

So, to go back where I started, be discerning when you read, don’t be afraid to do your own research, don’t blindly believe.  Indeed, an article published August 10th in the Intellectual Takeout analyzes lockdown results from around the world to reach a very different conclusion from infectious disease expert, Dr. Fauci.  There is no reporting outfit that is without bias.  The key is to understand the bias and try to see through it.  Not one of these actors in the story is perfect and some are downright evil.  Be careful – do your due diligence.  This year has presented the world with serious challenges that will take tremendous effort to overcome.  But creating monsters out of whole cloth will not defeat the virus nor will it bring long term peace and prosperity – which I think every American desires. 

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