Entitled to Crime

Entitled to Crime

The left has always perpetuated the myth that poverty causes crime but now they are taking that fallacy even farther by propagating that any form of inequity causes crime and worse, thus crime is entirely justified by the presence of said inequity. Just look at the mass destruction caused at the behest of BLM and its sycophants. 

Entire American metropolises set on fire, widespread property destruction, and mass spoliation of goods from large retailers to mom and pop shops, all in the name of ‘social justice for black lives.’ This felonious behavior is wholly condoned by city councils, District Attorneys that refuse to prosecute serious offenses, and celebrities who supply bail funds and cheer on the devastation (until it reaches their neighborhood). 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pretending the poor huddled masses are just starving for bread while fiction writer Nikole Hannah-Jones asserted that property damage is not violence because violence only applies to human injury. Now we have looters openly proclaiming that the looting is a form of reparations… and not a peep of condemnation from the progressive left for that ridiculous rational.

Past injustices whether it be slavery, segregation, or present-day inequity do not permit you to plunder a Macy’s store. Yet based on the apathy and inaction of progressives, it would appear that this is perfectly acceptable. 

No other demographic or organization is given this type of free reign for pilfering and annihilation. And no other demographic or organization is a recipient of this nauseating, degrading pity and bigotry of low expectations. There are black Americans that struggle, but there are millions of people around the world that struggle and do not behave this way.

Like almost all of his friends, my husband is first generation British, born of Bengali immigrants. The Bengali community in Britain has overcome tremendous challenges to become successful, and they didn’t do so pillaging the community. 

Emerging from one of the poorest countries in the world, Bengali immigrants like my in-laws arrived in the UK in the 1970s unable to speak English and with limited skills. Many like them had a middle school education if any formal education at all. (Some women were forbidden from attending school simply for being female).

In the UK, the men found work in factories like Vauxhall and in between birthing 5-10 children the women would often work at home sewing clothes for local department stores. Bengali families like my husband’s grew up on VERY modest means. Large families in small homes, no Nike sneakers in sight. The children of these immigrants learned early on about working together as a family unit. In early childhood they took on the role of translator for their elders. They became gainfully employed as soon as they could legally do so. 

Bengali immigrants were and are endowed with a tremendous burden. As the one who made it out of the village back home, it is their responsibility to help those left behind. They not only have to care for their own nuclear family in the UK, they are expected to send money home as well. 

The child of a Bengali immigrant would scarcely be able to ask a parent for help with homework. But what these immigrant parents lacked in scholastic ability was more than made up for in moral guidance and discipline. They taught their children the value of hard work, not disdain for the country that gave them the ability to work.

It is through this strong family unit, frugality, and the daily grind that my husband and his friends are able to be successful today. Within one generation, Bengalis in the UK have gone from third world, National Geographic style poverty to first world middle class decadence. I repeat, within a single generation.

The road to the middle class wasn’t easy for these families. Racism was alive and well when my in-laws arrived. They were harassed, spat at, and welcomed as the only Asian family into their white neighborhood with a brick thrown through their window. 

Through all of these hurdles, did the Bengali’s resent those that had wronged them? No. Did they lament in the endless labor-intensive drudgery needed to feed their family at home and abroad? No. They kept their heads down and did the hard graft. 

The minority population (<1%) of Bengalis are not disproportionately represented in violent crime stats or the prison system. They are not wallowing in the misery of their lineage that was once or is currently enslaved. (Slavery still exists in parts of Bangladesh today; it ranks 92nd out of 167 countries on the world slavery index).

They were not dealt an easy hand at life, but that hasn’t caused them to go marauding through the streets and beating people nearly to death.  

Yet we are told endlessly that black Americans cannot survive in the richest nation in the world because of slavery (150 years ago), segregation (50+ years ago), or mythical relentless white racism today. The refusal to denounce or prosecute the lawlessness we are witnessing today (not just by BLM but also Antifa) is a ringing endorsement of this apparent ‘payback’ that America allegedly deserves.

But it is all a farce. A piss-poor excuse for those angry at the man that has more than they do. The miscreants of BLM are able to evade judgement for their misdeeds because progressives don’t think they are worthy or capable of behaving like decent citizens. If only they could hold black Americans to the same respectable standard as Bengalis?

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