The Alligator Ate You Last… But He Still Burned Down Your Business

The Alligator Ate You Last… But He Still Burned Down Your Business

Unsurprisingly, BLM support has dropped via polling data this week. Who knew that an entire summer of looting and arson all while blaming white people would eventually create a displeased populace? Just in the swing state of Wisconsin, BLM went from +25 to +0. I’ve even seen several posts on Twitter by users claiming they were once BLM supporters but are no longer as their businesses have been destroyed. 

If you are one of these naïve people that has suddenly changed allegiance, what took you so long? Conservatives have warned of BLM’s wickedness, since its inception in 2013. Not because we don’t care for the life and liberty of black people, but because BLM is a Marxist organization. Marxism ALWAYS ends in widespread death and total annihilation of a functioning society. Any history book of the 20th century will tell you that. And invariably, Marxism eats its own. They were always going to come for you. 

Marxism is fairly easy to recognize. It is a belief that separates society into a binary, the oppressed vs oppressor. The unequal outcomes between different groups is always the fault of the oppressor group. Naturally the perceived oppressor is targeted first, and those gullible to this ideology expect perfect harmony once the oppressor has been defeated. But that’s not how this works. Once the first enemy falls, a new one is created, and the standard for who constitutes the oppressor becomes weaker and weaker until it encompasses everyone in society.

During Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the first group to be purged were the landlords, the wealthy peasants, capitalists, counter-revolutionary groups and the rightists. Next, he came for the educators, allowing students to humiliate and execute their own teachers. With the mass slaughter of the wealthy and dissenters complete, paranoia set in as Mao purged those within his own party suspected of not being fully committed to communism. Paranoia is common among dictators. This widespread eradication was not sufficient however, and with no more wealthy, conservative enemies to be killed, the Red Guard began exterminating whole peasant families under the allegation of being ‘class enemies.’

The same sequence was carried out in the Soviet Union. After defeating the Mensheviks, the Bolsheviks started from the top, slaughtering the bourgeois class and some of the urban working class who revolted against their new authoritarian leaders. Next, they came for the intelligentsia, the writers and the artists. They went on to purge ethnic minorities, clergy, and made their way out of the cities to the rural farmers known as the kulaks. Those that did not receive a bullet to the back of their head were sent to the gulags. As with the Chinese, with the wealthy largely exterminated, suspicion set in. Members of the army were killed or jailed, especially those that had been POW of the Allied nations. Their crime was being witness to the decadence of capitalism. Stalin purged several members of his own party, including all five of his Politiburo brethren from the 1917 October Revolution. Eventually, the peasant class was purged too and the police that were responsible for the arrests were likewise put up against the wall in the Lubyanka and given the same bullet they delivered to the thousands before them.

Are you starting to see how this ideology operates? As they work their way down the socioeconomic ladder, the carnage doesn’t stop once you reach a certain class. The dogma remains constant. It doesn’t matter if the wealth discrepancy is owning a business or merely having one more grain of rice than your neighbor. Someone must be punished for this disparity. 

It doesn’t matter how loyal you are to the cause either. Your political apostacy is evidenced by any presence of inequality. During the French Revolution, after the aristocracy was liquidated, politicians, priests, nuns, scientists, mathematicians, and individuals simply accused of being ‘indifferent’ to the revolution were killed. Like the Old Bolsheviks, the radical revolutionaries of the Jacobin Club who instituted the Reign of Terror, Jacques Pierre Brissot, Camille Desmoulins, and Maximilien Robespierre were beheaded. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Even the man who prosecuted Marie Antoinette, Antoine-Quentin Fouquier de Tinville, went to the national razor less than two years after her.

You and I will not be part of the centrally planned society the Marxists hope to create. Bending the knee to BLM will not save you. Marxist are kept alive by an insatiable bloodlust to blame anyone and everyone for the 100% failure rate of their communist policies. After they ‘eat the rich’ they move on to a merciless and ceaseless pogrom of the peasantry. That includes you and me. 

I welcome the former comrades now patriots to our side, but with some advice. Never let yourself, your family, or your heirs succumb to this indoctrination. Do not let them be deceived by the façade of ‘social justice.’ You must teach them to recognize the evil that you did not, lest future generations become susceptible to it. 

Those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it.

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