The Democrat Party’s Apartheid

The Democrat Party’s Apartheid

Another one bites the dust. And by that, I mean another friend has exiled me for wrong think. This friend currently lives in Rochester, dangerously close to the riots. When the news broke that the Rochester Police Chief and his entire command staff had resigned, she went on an incomprehensible rant blaming the president. How is the resignation of a black police chief under a black mayor, under a Democrat governor, the fault of Donald Trump? 

I did not expect she would have an answer to this question so instead I decided to write her a Cliff’s notes description of our federalist system and how the states and municipalities within them have an enormous amount of autonomy to operate their state and police force as they see fit. I further pointed out that it is the responsibility of her and her fellow constituents to elect competent leaders and if you are displeased with their action or inaction it is incumbent upon you to replace such feckless leaders.

Now I must forgive her ignorance to federalism, she is not American, and is not eligible to vote as of yet. She is, however, an ardent supporter of the Democratic party, their race-based policies, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Her allegiance to this insidious ideology is even more dumbfounding when you realize she has emigrated from the failed state of South Africa. She was born into a government mandated caste system built on subjugating people by race. During apartheid, whites were at the top of the caste and the state sanctioned violence against the lowest caste of black people. When apartheid ended in 1994, there was a brief respite from race-based policy. Today, South Africa has returned to a soft apartheid through programs like Black Economic Empowerment. BEE forces employers to hire based on race, not skill or merit. The goal is for the racial make-up of every single business or organization to be identical to the racial make-up of the country, if not completely black. 

The result has led to complete dysfunction in the private and public sector. Neither productivity, expertise or proficiency is considered in the hiring process. Skilled whites and coloreds (the term used to refer to mixed race people in SA), emigrate to countries where they won’t face explicit discrimination. Land has been expropriated from white farmers as retribution for apartheid. That land has been redistributed to less skilled or completely unskilled farmers, South Africa’s domestic food supply has decreased. Like Zimbabwe, South Africa is finding it more difficult to feed itself and has to increasingly rely on more expensive imported food which hurts poor people the most. In short, race-based preferences have failed miserably. Apartheid was evil. Enacting similar policies in reverse have not helped black South Africans.

Today’s Democratic party, progressive imbeciles and the ass-hats of BLM want to enact much of the same here. Liberal elite schools are creating black only dorms and graduations. These schools continue to use race to justify admitting students with subpar academic standards, which invariably causes students to drop out, take longer to graduate, and burdens them with more debt. 

BLM activists are quite literally marching through neighborhoods demanding white people give their homes to blacks. And just like in South Africa, the new battle cry is for corporations to “increase diversity” by hiring more minorities. California has already passed legislation that requires at least one female on corporate boards and has a similar bill compelling the same obligation for people of color in the pipeline. 

It shocks and saddens me that my friend, who has witnessed first-hand the devastation of racial animus in her home country, would support any entity that is perpetuating it in her new country. Judging people by the color of their skin and not their character is not an American value. 

What made America the most successful nation on earth is our value of individual liberty, leaving people alone to pursue their endeavors, free from state interference. We value the freedom to associate with whomever we want and reject government diktats meddling in our hypomanic entrepreneurship. We believe you can be whatever you want, succeed in any capacity, no matter what color you are. We wholeheartedly reject the belief that the government has the ability to create the perfect amalgamation of diversity in each discipline.

We were founded on the rejection of the monarchy and the feudal system that designates certain demographics into their rung in the human pyramid scheme. Everyone here is treated equally. And even if we haven’t always perfectly lived up to that creed, it still remains a founding principle that is fully embraced today.  

My friend is a kind person. She is a hard worker, a contributing member of society, a good mother, and a law-abiding citizen. But her ideology is completely incompatible with the American values of personal responsibility, meritocracy, limited government, and liberty.

I implore you my friend, and anyone who holds these views, look at what race-based decrees have done to your homeland. We do not wish to re-segregate America and turn it into the apartheid state you fled.

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