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Yes, Let General Motors Fail

Hot off the presses yesterday was the news of General Motors 14,000 employee layoffs expected before the Christmas holiday. President Trump responded with an angry tweet threatening to cut off subsidies to GM in retribution for the redundancy while liberals on social media responded with “Muh… It’s Trump’s fault.”

While the retaliatory subsidy threat wasn’t warranted by the President, he is right on the mark when he says the subsidies must go. (Even when he is wrong, he is a right.) General Motors has been in decline for decades and we must let it fail.

It is not the job of the American tax payer to subsidize failing companies. If we wanted to keep General Motors in business, we would just buy their cars, but we don’t. Instead, drivers opt for the competitively priced, better quality Toyota and Honda brands.

Imagine if Starbucks sold garbage instant coffee rather than the premium brewed beverages we enjoy today. It probably would not be as successful. Now imagine that in order to keep Starbucks in business, rather than force them to make a better product, the US government mandated that every American purchase an over-priced instant latte every morning despite not wanting to drink it. Even a liberal wouldn’t agree to an arrangement that stupid, but that’s in essence how subsidies work.

Wrapped up in pretty bow addressed to “Too big to fail,” the Bush and Obama administrations agreed to subsidize GM’s declining business, to the tune of $50.2 billion dollars of tax payers’ money. Yet here we are, after another decade of poor performance, GM is struggling. The bottom line is General Motors is not offering quality products and no amount of assistance from tax payers will make that happen. It’s time for them to sink or swim.

Mainstream media and politicians of both parties go into an absolute hyperbolic frenzy at the mere mention of eliminating government intervention for deteriorating corporate businesses. They all assume that cutting off the government teat automatically equals bankruptcy but that isn’t always the case. Here are few examples:

Apple – It’s hard to believe that the tech giant that occupies nearly every American household was nearly never-to-be. In 1997, Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy until it was saved by a $150 million-dollar investment. That capital was not supplied by central planners but instead their own competitor, Microsoft.

Marvel Entertainment – Many young people today probably have no clue that their favorite super-heroes originate from comic books (or even what a comic book is), which was Marvel’s sole business before declaring bankruptcy in 1996. Once the bottom fell out, the company was forced to change its business model shifting from comic books to movies and merchandise.

IBM – The IT company has remained a reliable fixture in the American economy for over 100 years. In the 80s and early 90s IBM struggled as new tech companies swarmed the market driving up competition. In 1993, IBM posted an $8 billion loss, the largest corporate drop in US history at the time. After hiring a new CEO and laying off 60,000 employees, the company was able to regain its footing and is still a stock market favorite today.

One only need to look at these veterans of failure to learn that the mistakes of free enterprise can often be turned into giant successes. We are doing a disservice to the management and employees of General Motors by denying them the opportunity to turn into something even greater than before.

If General Motors can’t turn things around, employees will simply have to get new jobs, start their own businesses, or improve their skill set to compete in the market. These market forces have been working for 2000 years of commerce. They’re not going to suddenly fail now.

The values of the American free market enterprise are grit, determination, and risk taking. Let’s see if General Motors still has them.

The New York Times And Chinese Lies


Earlier this month, the factually illiterate morons at the New York Times released the above 10-minute video about the perils of the Chinese health care system. In a failed attempt to blame capitalism for these problems, the New York Times instead dutifully encapsulated the widespread dysfunction that ALWAYS results from government run medicine. As a resident of China and recipient of outstanding private health care here, it was obvious that the NYT deliberately snubbed featuring any private facility while shamelessly and falsely labelling the catastrophic care at public hospitals as capitalist enterprises.

The propaganda piece begins with a man making his own drugs for his elderly, cancer-stricken mother. This is a common practice among poor Chinese who cannot afford the high prices of approved drugs. The approved pharmaceuticals available are invariably foreign made drugs, manufactured mainly by western, capitalist nations. While China actually produces the world’s second-largest prescription drug market, the quality of the drugs is very poor. Chinese doctors actually advise against taking Chinese prescriptions due to lack of transparency of ingredients. I’ve even had a Chinese pediatrician tell me not to give my children a simple cough syrup developed in China. So, while the New York Times contends that capitalism is killing the Chinese, the Chinese are almost exclusively relying on western medicine, created by those evil capitalists to survive.

The video then showcases the ungodly long line outside of the Shanghai Cancer Center at Fudong University. This is where the most egregious of lies is being spewed by the biased newspaper. The Shanghai Cancer Center is a PUBLIC hospital, not a private one. The activities you see; the long lines, scalpers, bribes paid, physical fights with hospital staff, are all exclusively happening in the PUBLIC, communist, government run hospitals. This does not happen at the private hospitals.

The problems faced at the public hospitals in China are a direct result of the tenets of communism: excessive regulation, the destruction of the profit incentive, and widespread poverty.

Along with income from the municipal medical schemes that citizens must pay into, the state hospitals depend on drug sales and tests for their revenues. This makes hospitals fertile ground for bribes from pharmaceutical companies, unnecessary drug prescriptions and excessive testing. The excessive testing is not only a giant waste of money, but in hospitals where doctors get less than three minutes with patients, it is a massive waste of time that the public sector doesn’t have. The government also heavily regulates reproduction programs due to the two-child policy, forcing hospitals to obtain a license from China’s Ministry of Health to perform fertility testing and treatments. Almost all of the licenses are only authorized for the state-run hospitals. Simply offloading the initial fertility testing to the private sector would take enormous pressure off the public system.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical industry operates under contradictory procedures. In the 1980s, the government began divesting in public hospitals and relocated those funds to subsidize prescription drugs for the poor. Simultaneously however, the government put price controls on the drugs making it impossible to turn a profit selling them at the hospital and destroying the profit incentive for developers. The government also invests in the R&D for pharmaceuticals and under President Xi Jinping this amount has increased from about 2% of global sales to 5%. This still doesn’t compare to the nearly 20% other countries invest. With the paltry investment and price caps, the industry is at a stalemate producing garbage drugs and unable to yield returns.

But the crux of the calamitous public health care in China is too many poor people. While eastern, urban China has embraced capitalism and the market economy, western, rural China is still largely agrarian. According to data from the World Bank, urban residents have on average an extra $4500 of disposable income per year while the rural residents have on average less than $1400 (about $4 per day). There are also different medical schemes for residents based on whether they are rural or urban, with the latter having more advantages than the former. Urban employers and employees both pay into the medical coverage giving the urban employee more resources to cover healthcare. Additionally, private companies in the East often provide private health insurance to their employees. Conversely, rural residents rely entirely on local government funding in regions where there is little tax revenue. Bleak resources naturally create doctor shortages. So, if you’re diagnosed with lung cancer and there is no pulmonologist in your province, there is nothing you can do about it.

Finally, there is one more disparaging factor affecting Chinese medical care: the antiquated caste system known as Hukou. Hukou is a system that registers families or individuals based on the province in which they live. Medical and educational services are funded and managed solely by local provincial governments, not the federal government. Residents are only entitled to these services within the province they are registered. If families or individuals move, they are not eligible for the same services in their new area. Thus, Hukou severely discourages mobility. It is a system that condemns the poor to serfdom. If you are born poor in Western China, you will never be rich in Eastern China. They are the peasants and we are the lords. That long line of poor people outside the Shanghai Cancer Center featured in the NYT video have all come from poorer regions and are paying out of pocket for care. *Take note liberals, this is what real systematic oppression looks like. *

I know first-hand just how outstanding the care at private facilities in China are. Wait times are practically non-existent. You don’t have to bribe anyone to be seen. I have been to the E.R. no less than six times here in Shanghai at two different hospitals. I have been registered immediately and sent to a consultation room within 10 minutes of arrival.

Last year I had my appendix removed here. I accidentally walked into the public hospital directly across from the private hospital where I had intended to go to. The emergency room was filled with at least 100 Chinese patients. Upon seeing my western face, the hospital staff directed me to the private hospital across the street, Shanghai United. I arrived to friendly staff, fluent in English. The ER doctor was American and I had an ultra sound and CT scan performed within the first two hours. Within 10 hours, my appendix was removed and I was enjoying my morphine high.

Even the public emergency transport services are completely unreliable in China. Public ambulances simply don’t show up or are too busy. Thankfully the malevolent free market services like taxis and ride sharing apps will take you.

The kind of exceptional care that myself and the wealthy Chinese receive is a pipe dream for the rest of China. The solution isn’t to dismiss the unbridled capitalism that has made the east wealthy and healthy. It is to expand the market economy into the west to give the serfs the same economic opportunities we have in the east. As long as Hukou remains a standard practice, the plebs cannot move to economically prosperous regions, it must come to them. The average IQ in China is around 105. How many smart people are stuck on a farm in the west that could be helping develop new drugs if the government would simply let people make money off of making drugs? Furthermore, as more Chinese become wealthy in the east and use private hospitals, they are helping transfer patients out of the public system and ease the burden.

Capitalism has provided value in a medical system where no value previously existed. The NYT continues to push this illusion that public medical care is magically free in China or any other country plagued with socialized medicine for that matter.

The fact that the New York Times refused to visit even one private hospital, mention the higher cancer survival rates of the eastern, wealthy patients getting private care, or any of the issues I have outlined in this article leads me to believe that they are either intellectually lazy, brazen communist sympathizers, or functionally retarded.

Prosperity and health for all Chinese citizens is not the goal for propagandists at the New York Times. These commissars see the high quality, almost decadent, private medical care awarded to the wealthy and say “No one should be treated this well.” Whereas capitalists see such care and say, “Everyone should be treated this well.”

A Tale Of Two Countries

 Kavanaugh Crying
Last week marked a pivotal point in American politics. The Left’s failing effort to nail Judge Brett Kavanaugh on intentionally vague and deliberately unprovable rape accusations made it clear that there is no deceitful tactic they won’t use to resist Republicans. Whatever conniving means they can use, they will. Your family, your job, your children, and your character are all collateral damage in their fight for power.

This is a historic new low. Certainly, never in my lifetime have I witnessed something this cunning and that opinion seems to be shared among older conservatives as well. Even among liberals, there is the perception that this has now gone way too far. Just to recap (and to cause a brain aneurism for the leftists reading this) there is ZERO evidence of any wrong-doing on behalf of Kavanaugh. ZERO. No physical evidence, no location, no date, and not a single corroborating witness named by Dr. Ford.

We are now at the point of what I fear is an irreparable divide in America.  The left and the right share absolutely no values. How can we even share a country?

One half of the country looks to the constitution as a guiding principle for governance. The other views it as an obstacle to more state power.

One half believes in the value of free speech. The other half considers ‘hate speech’ literal violence… but sees no problem with setting campuses on fire and beating people with bike locks.

One side wants the right to defend themselves from the Nikolas Cruzes of the world. The other gets PTSD from the site of an AR-15.

One side wants to uphold one of the defining characteristics of Western Civilization: that the burden of proof be levied with the accuser and that you are innocent until proven guilty. The other side celebrates an accusation destroying everything you have worked for your entire life.

It is the Rules For Rationales vs. the Rules For Radicals.

As my decade+ tenure abroad may be coming to an end, I now must consider where I will live in America and where I can go where people hold my values. This is proving to be a daunting task as half the country not only disagrees with my values but detests them.

How can I live in a community that will automatically deem my husband a victim based on his excessive melanin? How can I send my kids to schools where educators will teach them that their slight pigmentation is more valuable than their skill set? For the left, my children and husband are automatically apart of the victim hierarchy while I must remain on the peripheral as a white ally. And what will become of my family when an irate Marxist gets an inkling of the conservative values we live by?

We are up against an entity that believes obese women are now beautiful, that multi-millionaire athletes are victims, and that gender is a malleable characteristic.  When our fellow citizens are murdered by illegals, we want to protect other Americans. Instead the left rushes to protect the law-breakers.

We cannot agree on foundational principles because the left has no principles. The operate by any means necessary. The freedoms that we hold dear they wish to transfer to the state. They disdain the values for which our ancestors died.

When the Republicans stopped Merrick Garland from becoming a Supreme Court Justice they simply refused to hold the vote. They didn’t accuse him of being a gang rapist. Kavanaugh has been nominated for a lifetime appointment, but the crimes he is falsely accused of are worthy of lifetime imprisonment.

The slander of Judge Kavanaugh is proof that there is no middle ground. The left is completely devoid of morality. They hate America and will do anything to destroy it.

There are men and women in America salivating over the demise of the entire Kavanaugh family. They have never stopped to think “What if someone were to do this to me?” Would the ‘Believe All Women’ crowd uphold that standard when it was imposed on them or their husband or son. I doubt it. But perhaps that’s exactly what these people deserve; to lose the presumption of innocence and the necessity for evidence. They will never appreciate the values of American jurisprudence until they lose them.


The Left’s Perpetual State Of Political Blue Balls

For leftists, the demise of Trump is just as arousing as meeting a hot communist who loves socialized medicine, has a hammer and sickle tattoo and is actually willing to sleep with them. Unfortunately, both scenarios are just as improbable. Every week a ‘CNN Breaking News’ story develops and the left climaxes for days on end confident that this, THIS, will finally bring down the mango moron (their words, not mine). Alas, whatever dysentery the media is peddling, the dismantling of the Trump presidency never comes to fruition, and the resistance is left with the aforementioned blue balls.

This must be tough for liberals. It’s as if every week they meet a smart, kind, funny, beautiful woman, only to take her home and find out she’s a dude.

Which by the way, should not stop you from sleeping with her/him/ze/zir/they. It’s 2018 and some women have penises you transphobic bigot!

The upcoming publication of Bob Woodward’s new book was the first ‘Got him… Oh wait never mind’ moment of last week. The book is apparently riddled with accusations of a chaotic, dysfunctional White House, along with scathing insults directed at the president from four-star generals Mattis and Kelly. While the MSM is taking this book as gospel, both decorated generals refuted the quotes attributed to them, calling the excerpts outright fiction. This is reminiscent of the widely praised but similarly plagued with falsehoods, Fire and Fury.

To be fair, some of Woodward’s characterizations of the Trump White House appear spot on. It is undoubtedly chaotic, but we didn’t need Woodward to tell us that. It is evident based on the high turnover of staff. But why should we care if it is chaotic when this administration produces positive results? I’d much rather have a chaotic success than an organized failure.

The next spate of the week came in the form of the NYT op-ed, allegedly written by an anonymous ‘Senior Level White House Official.’ First, let’s address the purported job title of the writer. The term ‘Senior Level Official’ is a title thrown around inside the White House just as frequent as the accusation of being a Nazi. (Insert eyeroll.) The media will have you believe this person is possibly a cabinet member when indubitably, they are a tertiary staffer shuffling an endless supply of diet coke into the Oval Office.

The op-ed was not dissimilar to Woodward’s accounts of a manic leader, unable to stay on task, and absent of political principles. However, this resister deviates from the typical criticism and offers some well-deserved compliments for the administration’s policy changes. Unfortunately, these tributes are self-aggrandizing as the writer reports the accomplishments are despite Trump, not because of him. This is utterly preposterous. After slandering the president’s proposals by telling us for months that the markets would crash, people would die from the tax cuts, die from net neutrality, die from the US exit from the Paris Climate Accords, the resistance is now attempting to take credit for Trump’s success. Spare me. The op-ed not only proves that the deep state is real, it’s also apparently very shallow.

Lastly, the week was rife with spectacular performances by the cosplayers of the Democratic Party. The Kavanaugh hearings were complete with irrational outbursts, people in full Handmaid’s Tale costumes, and pompous Democratic leaders asking questions of a man much smarter than them.

The biggest gaffe came in the form of Senator Booker’s alpha-male facade of breaking Senate rules for the ‘sake of the truth’. Booker threatened to release classified emails ostensibly proving Kavanaugh was in favor of racial profiling. The reality was the emails were approved for release and proved in fact, Kavanaugh was against racial profiling.

Booker called it his ‘I am Spartacus’ moment. First of all, that’s cultural appropriation. Second of all, Booker probably hasn’t read the story of Spartacus. In the end, Spartacus is murdered and remaining members of his army are crucified.

While the events of last week left liberals hopeful that they could take down Trump or at least Kavanaugh, it was another string of misfires. Sadly, these failures have only amplified the hysterical rhetoric and violent tendencies of the left. They have become such dangerous idiots that I’m actually hoping for a small blue wave in November. We need something to placate the incels and hold off their inevitable psychopathic virgin, Elliot Rodger style attempted massacre.

For the deplorables, it was a pretty good week as President Trump remains the ultimate cock-block between the left and their Marxist, socialist, genderless utopia.

Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

President Trump’s worst characteristic is his spitefulness for those he doesn’t like. While most of us cringe as his unartful statements leave his lips and tweets hit the feed, the media talking heads chastise him. Unfortunately, those who castigate him for this vice, put it on full display this weekend.

For the rest of America, a funeral is a time to celebrate a person’s life, remember their endearing qualities, share memories, and be thankful for your time with the deceased. What we learned this weekend is that even while standing in the house of the Lord, virtue signaling your political opinion is more important than mourning the dead. Nothing is sacred anymore.

The necessity to interject politics into every aspect of American life is a cancer on our culture. Constant criticism of our political opponents was once a benign practice confined to our news media and Facebook debates. This disease has now metastasized to every corner of our life. It’s injected into television, sports, chicken sandwiches, quaint little restaurants in Virginia, and now the simple act of burying our dead. Rather than cherishing the final moments of our time with our kin, we look for opportunities to ‘own’ our enemies.

Despite his best effort to exclude Donald Trump from his memorial, John McCain’s funeral was very much about Trump. We listened as leaders criticized our destructive political climate while simultaneously participating in it. We heard blanketed insults towards our president when the focus should have solely been on the patriot in the casket. What aired on September 1st, was not a respectful memorial, it was a roast masquerading as a funeral complete with Royal Wedding style media coverage. President Trump truly is a remarkable deal-maker. He has purchased equity inside the frontal lobe of every resister without even spending a dime.

Additionally, the sudden adoration for McCain gave the service an air of forgery. Candidate McCain was a decent man when running for president in 2008, but you wouldn’t have known that if you were a democrat then. Back then he was the usual republican racist, sexist, bigot, etc. according to the left. The ‘maverick’ they loathed is now the ‘maverick’ revered.

Before penning my judgements on the ceremony, I re-evaluated my stance. Maybe I was being dramatic in my assessment? But my original interpretation was proven correct by The New Yorker in a piece titled, John McCain’s Funeral Was the Biggest Resistance Meeting Yet. Not only were the elites using the death of McCain to attack Trump, they were proud of themselves for doing it. They are completely unashamed of their attempt to use a funeral to sway political opinion. Our culture has now descended into the bowels of political ire at the expense of our burials, something we once held sacrosanct.

I keep naively thinking that this hyperbolic state of outrage will eventually fall into remission. That perhaps some rational discourse, positive economic data, and a reduction in foreign intervention might quell the fears of the left. That maybe, just maybe, the president’s pettiness might be countered with the advice from Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go high.”

But it appears that this cancer has festered for far too long and is now terminal.

The president’s statements about McCain’s POW status were abominable and the flag snafu after his passing was petty and mean-spirited. But rather than respectfully mourning John McCain, it appears the resistance saw it as an opportunity to one-up this poor behavior.

It’s as if Trump said “No-one disrespects McCain as well as I do. No-one.”

The resistance: “Hold my beer.”

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