China Lied, People Died, and the Left Complied

China Lied, People Died, and the Left Complied

Having just moved to Switzerland from Shanghai last summer, I narrowly escaped ground zero of the Chinese Communist Party Disease, otherwise known as Covid19. I lived in Shanghai for two years, and while I lived in a very wealthy and safe area, I was not disillusioned by the poverty, unsanitary conditions, and general dysfunction that is Chinese society. Which is why I am dumbfounded, disgusted, and enraged as I watch the mainstream media and leftists bend over backwards to defend the lying, deceitful, and evil regime that is the Chinese Communist government.

It was with raving, stark mad, jubilation that progressives began publicizing that the United States had surpassed China in Covid19 cases last week. A statistic which is patently laughable to anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of communist dictatorships. 

The CCP attests that 81,554 people became infected and only 3312 people succumbed to the disease. Contrast that with New York state that has, to this date, over 83,000 cases and over 2000 deaths in the greater NYC area, the most densely populated area in our nation. The overcrowding in New York City pales in comparison to places like Wuhan and Shanghai, with populations of 11+ million and 24+ million respectively. 

Hygiene standards in China are appalling. Vendors at the infamous wet markets will touch raw meat and then lick their fingers to count cash. Soap in public toilets and even public hospitals is sparse. Public defecation/urination is common, even in wealthy areas. The tap water is undrinkable. Excessive pollution makes the air unbreathable. Additionally, public hospitals are substandard and doctors are even reluctant to prescribe Chinese pharmaceuticals as they cannot trust the ingredients are genuine. In the most politically incorrect way, China is largely a sh*thole.

Pray tell, how does a country that dysfunctional outperform any Western nation? It doesn’t.

None of this has deterred prominent progressive news outlets from defending China and downplaying the amazing contributions American enterprise has made to combat the virus.

Chris Hayes tweeted “We are quite literally doing a worse job of containing the virus that any other country on earth.” So, locking down the country, transforming car factories to make ventilators, distilleries to make sanitizer, pillow makers to produce masks, all while performing more testing than any country on earth is the worst? Rachel Maddow solely blamed the Trump administration for the delay in testing when in fact FDA and CDC rules obstructed testing. For Maddow and any other progressives suddenly in favor of deregulation, may I be the first to welcome you to the Republican Party.

The World Health Organization, the politburo by proxy, repeated the CCP’s lie that the virus was not transmissible via human-to-human contact and even discouraged travel bans from China. When President Trump rightfully ignored this recommendation, the press called him racist while the rest of the world universally implemented the same policy.

The ‘investigators’ in the press haven’t bothered to question the 21 million cell phone user drop in China. The left seeks no further inquiries regarding the “round the clock” incinerator usage in Wuhan or the 3500 urns that are being distributed in Wuhan DAILY, as reported by Radio Free Asia. 

No, instead we are seeing admiration for the communists in benevolent stories about China’s assistance in Europe. I’m sure the Netherlands are incredibly grateful for the 600,000 faulty facemasks delivered by China. And Spain was elated to purchase Covid19 test kits from China that didn’t even work

My favorite attempted dig at the administration is the story that an American CDC official in Beijing was fired a few months before the outbreak, as if that person’s presence would have stopped the spread. Pardon, but a single CDC official in China is not going to curtail the consequences that arise from a one billion strong populace that eats rodents and has subpar hygiene.

And now just yesterday, US Intelligence has reported what everyone already knew, China’s numbers are fake. Now how is the left going to play this one? Progressives have been defending the Intelligence Agencies superior fact-finding skills since the FBI revealed President Trumps predilection for hookers and golden showers. I suspect that reverence is going to be rescinded soon.

China is a progressive’s wet dream for social justice grievance. The CCP forces women to get abortions and sterilization procedures. They operate concentration camps for the Uighur Muslims with little condemnation from the world; they torture and harvest organs from followers of the Fulan Gong movement. Gay rights are non-existent. The CCP has enforced an Orwellian social credit system that disproportionately hurts the poor who can’t bribe their way out of bad behavior. Freedom of speech and dissenting opinions of the CCP is strictly forbidden. 

Perhaps, at this point you can surmise I have a great disdain for the Chinese Communist Party. Correct. But that doesn’t translate to the Chinese people. I had a good life in China, largely because the people there are kind. They were welcoming, very helpful when they saw a confused foreigner at a market or a train station. They are very proud of their culture. Whenever I was in public with my three children, the Chinese would congratulate me and encourage me to have more children. A very heartwarming recommendation from a people that don’t have that same luxury thanks to the two child policy.

It is this fondness for the average Chinese citizen that makes me so infuriated by progressives that are constantly haranguing about how compassionate they are. Leftists don’t care about the thousands of families that were welded into their homes by the CCP and left to die in isolation. They don’t care about the Chinese doctors or journalists who were disappeared by the regime for attempting to warn the world of this deadly virus. They only care about pushing the globe further into our own gulags. They are happy to repeat communist propaganda and dismiss the millions of people enslaved by the hammer and sickle of the Orient.     

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2 thoughts on “China Lied, People Died, and the Left Complied

  1. So glad to find your post. I’ve read it hurriedly before the Facebook guardians can take it down.
    Suspicious? I am. Fearful? Not of the epidemic, but the powers that be do worry me
    Grateful for your insights and that you made it home with your children.
    Love to you and your family.

  2. From what I’ve seen of American Leftists, both the public faces on TV, and those with whom I’ve had the illuminating opportunity to discuss their approach to what they see as problems, they are all power junkies.

    Your (my) failure to appreciate how beneficial their rule could be only confirms to them, how necessary it is to do WHATEVER will gain them the authority to RULE us — no exceptions for mere outdated morality. Their God (Marx?) tells them that once they become boss, everything will be alright!

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