LYING – The New Coin of the Realm!

LYING – The New Coin of the Realm!

Why are there so many lies?  Or do we really live in an Alternative Universe? My father developed a euphemism to describe the lies permeating our social consciousness – “Looney Tunes” – pronounced “Loooonia Tuunes.”  The lies cover a broad landscape from outright silly to maliciously evil.  Here are just a few.


You can buy CARBON FREE Sugar because Carbon and Carbon Dioxide is killing the earth – it is poison.  Utter lunacy.  But here is the ad from Domino Sugar.

Any high school chemistry student can tell you this statement is patently false.  It’s a lie.  No sugar is “carbon free.”  The chemical formula for simple table sugar is:  C12H22O11 – where “C” stands for carbon.  There is no such thing as CARBON Free sugar.  All sugar types are based on carbon.

I recognize that the advertising is referring to the production and delivery processes and but this labeling is equally mendacious.  For example, they rely on burning carbon-based products – sugar cane and urban wood waste – to produce energy.  Without carbon dioxide, there would be no sugar cane to process, no wood to burn, no sugar to eat.  The world’s ecology would not exist if the atmosphere’s trace element, carbon dioxide, didn’t exist. This is why growers inject CO2 into greenhouses to accelerate and increase growth as noted in the linked Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service discussion of CO2 supplementation.  Funny – the supplementation instructions note that plants really like warmer temperatures. 

Carbon Free – silly, utter nonsense.

Serious – “Mostly Peaceful Protests”

2020 has been the summer of riots, looting and thuggery despite endless claims that the protests were “mostly peaceful.”  Clear evidence that the “protests” are not peaceful is abundantly available.  Minneapolis officials say 1,025 properties were damaged, burned or destroyed during the unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd on May 25.  Even the ridiculously silly Mayor of Portland Oregon recognized, after 100+ days of rioting, that when you attempt to torch buildings with people trapped inside, you are not demonstrating but murdering.

Yet throughout the summer mainstream media has relentlessly attempted to disguise the marauding bands of criminals and anarchists as patriotic protestors valiantly advocating for social justice and fairness.  Baloney.  The groups involved are quite honest about their motivations – to defund law enforcement, destroy the American system, to decapitate the United States.  These groups are dangerous and will not stop until they are arrested and jailed.  We know what peaceful protests look like.  Pre-2020 on any given day, Lafayette Park across from the White House, protestors marched peacefully for their causes.  Each January thousands descend upon Washington DC for the March for Life – all peaceful.  We also know what riots look like and we know what we should do.  Do not appease but arrest the thugs and throw them in jail.  No wonder the rioters want to defund the organization that should be arresting them.  

No, CNN.  No, President Obama, the protests are not peaceful!  Stop lying!


Genocidal – Hydroxychloroquine

Recently Minnesota Governor Walz quietly reversed his ban on Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  Why?  A better question – why was there a ban in the first place?  A review of scientific literature on HCQ shows a long history of research and study with thousands of studies on the federal PubMed site alone.  The benefits of HCQ for treating malaria are well known.  Populations in sub-Saharan pop HCQ like skittles as it is available over-the-counter and its efficacy against malaria is universally accepted.  In the west, it is also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.  Identified risks from long use of this drug are few.  Indeed, some of the research on this drug imply that it might yet be another tool in fighting cancer.  So, what is not to like?  It showed promise against the SARS virus in 2005 and multiple other studies against coronaviruses, it has a great safety record, it is inexpensive and readily available.  When combined with Azithromycin and zinc, experience has shown this inexpensive combo to be the gamechanger Trump claimed.  Dr. Adrian Hernandez, professor of Medicine in Cardiology at Duke, admitted in May that “there were likely health care workers before that were taking hydroxychloroquine.” Again, what is not to like?  The answer – politics and money.  An effective tool against the virus would be politically disastrous for one of America’s political parties, its media and big tech allies, and financially inopportune for America’s Big Pharma.  This made for quite a team – politics and greed.  And the result – HCQ was slandered and condemned, media stories relentlessly and mind numbingly exaggerated its risks and downplayed its advantages; medical studies were published affirming its lack of efficacy and potentially lethal side effects – which then had to be retracted due to serious flaws in research protocols and methodology but only after the damage was done.  Political officials reacted and banned use of HCQ for “unapproved” uses.   All of this despite many other medical officials providing credible anecdotal and observational evidence that HCQ was and is one of the most effective tools in treating COVID early on.  Use of HCQ can reduce the need for patients to be hospitalized and can save lives.   

To emphasize how deep is the animosity for this drug, a Google search for reports of the MN Governor rescission failed to return results for several days.  On the other hand, it was the first story in Bing results.  Or look at the write up for HCQ in Wikipedia.  It would scare even the most stalwart medical professional to steer clear of such a dangerous drug.  However, should a drug that is so dangerous be prescribed during pregnancy?  It is. 

We are being lied to, more people are ending up in the hospital and more people are dying due to these lies.  This is genocidal.  Why?  Is the hatred of Trump so fierce, so blinding, that constituents are being sacrificed?  This appears to be the case.  This level of deception is maliciously and genocidally evil.  

No Andrew Cuomo – the virus didn’t come from Europe, Trump didn’t cause the outbreak in NY.  Stop Lying!


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