FBI Placates Progressives, Ignores Actual Crime

FBI Placates Progressives, Ignores Actual Crime

Last week, FBI Director Chris Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Justice Department’s response to the January 6th Capitol Attack. What was meant to be an informative briefing turned out to be a nauseating public castigation of the fictional white supremacy supposedly plaguing our nation along with other outright fabrications and a general obfuscation of the genuine violent threats to liberal cities.

Director Wray opened the hearing with his first of multiple false statements. “The FBI will not tolerate agitators and extremists who plan or commit violence period.” This is a patently laughable assertion. American cities burned for half of 2020, night after night. And certain Democrat cesspools like Seattle and Portland are still being pillaged by Antifa. Yet the swift hammer of justice that has been rightfully brought down on those who attacked the Capitol on the January 6th was non-existent during the incessant arson and looting of the 2020 riots. 

The rapid military fortification of Capitol Hill is also in stark contrast to the plywood private business owners were forced to erect to safeguard their property last year. The federal and state governments made no attempts to protect city residents from marauding nocturnal mobs. For the FBI to now pretend they take threats seriously is preposterous.

Director Wray shared with the Committee the very credible threats of violence gathered by the FBI field office in Norfolk Virginia. Yet, despite having this knowledge, no steps were taken to safeguard the capital. Director Wray claimed that the intel gathered from the Norfolk office was not verified but was disseminated to the relevant parties as a forewarning for potential violence on January 6th. Both Capitol Police and the House and Senate Sergeants of Arms deny ever receiving such intel. Wray himself admitted that he wasn’t even aware of the intel until a few days after the January 6th. This kind of incompetence should come as no shock as this is the same FBI that ignored multiple warnings about mass shooterNikolas Cruz and the Nashville bomber. Doing nothing is kind of their specialty. 

Typical of such hearings, rather than focusing on the ineptitude of the Bureau, the hearing pivoted to the most pressing issue we face today, white supremacy. Both Senators Grassley and Leahy asserted that white supremacist terror groups are the most significant threat we face today and, like a trained lap dog, Director Wray agreed. That was certainly shocking to learn. I had no idea that $2 billion in damages, devastated neighborhoods, and 30+ deaths were the fault of white supremacy. Moreover, if white supremacists were such a lethal threat, why would the District Attorneys refuse to prosecute them? Why would Hollywood celebrities and politicians like Kamala Harris support and promote an organization that bails out rioters if they were all white supremacists? Even more baffling is to learn that the mainstream media’s “mostly peaceful” description of last year’s violence was all a ruse to run cover for Nazis. We’ve been had!

The Committee and the FBI would like to rewrite history as if the onus of the 2020 mutiny was on white supremacist groups rather than the real culprits like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They also want to project that narrative to the Capitol Riot as well. They are desperately trying to convince us that the unarmed fools who stormed the Capitol on the 6th were not angry about the election they believed to be fraudulent. No, the mostly white mob attacked a mostly white body of legislators, while calling for the white heads of other white people like Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi because…… white supremacy?

This farce falls apart by Wray’s own admission when answering questions from Senator Cornyn. In response to a query from a report on extremism from George Washington University, Wray confessed what we already knew, that the overwhelming majority of participants at the Capitol had no ties to any extremist groups.

Wray describes three types of protestors that were present that day. The first and largest group were the rowdy individuals who did not violate the law. The second were classified as those that intended to be peaceful but were swept up in “motive/emotion” and engaged in low level criminal behavior. The third group were those who came with the intention to be violent. It is this third subset of individuals that are the most dangerous and whom Director Wray discloses have ties to militia groups, not white supremacist groups. 

Even the claim that those indicted on serious offenses from the Capitol are affiliated with militia groups should be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t know many militias that show up to battle without weaponry. 

Despite all the invocation of white supremacist threats, mentions of alleged “far right” groups like the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters (neither of whom are white supremacist groups, nor were any members of these groups arrested at the Capitol), there categorically was and remains no evidence of any racially motivated violence from January 6th. The FBI admitted that, and yet the Committee spent the bulk of the nearly 4-hour hearing bloviating about non-existent white supremacists. 

Several Senators also thought it was pertinent to mention the rise in hate crimes against Asians… but not pertinent to mention those crimes are mostly being committed by black people.

Thankfully, Senator Cory Booker offered a brief respite from the ad nauseam denunciation of white supremacy by discussing another essential issue, the diversity of the FBI. Mr. Potato Head is very concerned about the number of other Potato Heads working at the Bureau. 

This Committee hearing was not meant to disclose any meaningful previously unknown information about what transpired at the Capitol that day. This was nothing more than a struggle session for Senators to disavow white supremacy and provide fodder for American Pravda to further propagate the myth of relentless white racism. 

While politicians and the FBI are engaging in a pathetic pissing contest censuring white supremacy, they are ignoring the very tangible danger of radical left-wing violence. Last year’s criminals are getting off scot-free while the full force of the feds will be used on the poor saps from the Capitol. I’ll tell you what my excuse would be… I was just looking for some bread

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