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Coronavirus Proves America is Dangerously Overleveraged

President Trump is on the precipice of signing the largest stimulus bill in history. A total $2 trillion package, nearly half of the entire federal spending budget for one year. While the grossly excessive bill is full of a litany of items totally unrelated to the coronavirus (money for the Kennedy Center, diversity initiatives, etc.), the funding is intended to be distributed to households, small businesses, and massive corporations to essentially hold them over until business can open as usual. 

The US economy has been shut down for approximately two weeks and the political rhetoric surrounding the shut-down would have you believe that households, businesses, and whole industries are on the verge of bankruptcy because they can’t spare even a day’s worth of revenue to survive. 

This leads us to a conundrum. Unemployment is at historic lows, wages are up, and the stock market has been on a wild bull run (until the shutdown). Surely individuals and American enterprise have an emergency fund of cash for unforeseeable emergencies like this?

Apparently not. And frankly, we only have ourselves to blame for this.

A Nation of Abundance and Excess 

There are several different metrics and studies that measure a nation’s income or material wealth, many of which are flawed in that they do not account for government benefits like housing and food assistance, nor do they account for charity. Therefore, the most accurate way to measure household wealth is based on consumption data.  

By this metric, America is indeed the wealthiest nation. Even our poor/working class are wealthy in comparison to the rest of the world. We earn a lot of money, unfortunately it would appear that we also spend nearly all of it.  

Debt Dependency 

While earnings and consumption data show a healthy economy, debt figures would indicate otherwise. Here is a snap shot of current debt levels for US households.

  • The average car payment $530 for a new car and $381 for used cars. Additionally, the average new-car loan term is around 63 months
  • As of the first quarter of 2019, 5.2 million federal student loan borrowers are in default, 3.4 million federal student loans in deferment and another 2.7 million in forbearance.
  • The average U.S. household with revolving credit card debt has an estimated balance of $6,849 as of September 2019.
  • Consumer debt levels for auto loans ($1.3 trillion), student loans ($1.4 trillion), and credit card debt ($829 billion) are all at record highs.
  • According to the Federal Reserve in 2019, 40% of Americans could not cover a $400 unexpected emergency. 
  • When Barrack Obama left office, the federal debt was about $20 trillion. As of today, that figure is $23.6 trillion. Once the stimulus bill is dispersed, we will be approaching $27 trillion. The Trump administration is set to exceed Obama’s spending by a country mile.

From Congress to the cul-de-sac, a substantial portion of the country are not being good stewards of their finances. And now, when the country is in a genuine emergency and many are out of work through no fault of their own, we are helpless.

Being Weird

The news isn’t all doom and gloom. There are businesses and households alike that have gone against the grain and prepared accordingly. Millions of households like my own adhere to the financial principles of Dave Ramsey. His ‘7 Baby Step’ strategy teaches you to eliminate all debt and have at least 3-6 months of expenses saved in case of an emergency. Using the Baby Steps, the Ramsey clan households across America are not only able to ride out this economic storm with minimal stress, but we are also able to continue to keep up our charitable donations during a time when so many other families desperately need it.

Businesses small and large also follow this plan. The most popular Mexican restaurant in my hometown can last over 2 months without a dime of revenue, covering rent and still compensating employees. Sysco, the largest food distribution company in the nation, has a surplus of $2 billion in cash! Usually a supplier for restaurant chains, Sysco has transitioned during the crisis to deliver goods to grocery stores and is helping to keep the supply chain moving. Contrast that with the Cheesecake Factory who is now refusing to pay rent after less than a month of closure.  

The buy now pay later lifestyle in America has made this dangerous health crisis infinitely more stressful for millions of families and businesses. But there is an army of fiscally conservative people that have fostered a culture where the first line of defense against an emergency is family, friends, community, church, and charity. Not the government. 

In a culture of such fiscal frivolity where others expect the government to save them, do what Dave Ramsey says, “Be weird.”

In Defense of the Trad Wives

The past few weeks, the media has portrayed an unusual amount of scorn for mothers who choose to stay home. To the chagrin of feminists, there is now a large movement of women from across the world who refer to themselves as Trad Wives (short for traditional). These women fully embrace the term as they consider raising children, maintaining the home, and supporting their husband worthy endeavors. But for progressives, the term has become a pejorative, used to portray full time mothers as submissive slaves to the patriarchy, confined by a cult of domesticity.

The trad wife backlash kick started after BBC Stories featured a 6-minute video of traditional home-maker Alena Kate Pettitt detailing her life and her responsibilities in the home. Alena admits that her husband comes first in her house and she would never expect him to work all day only to come home to do housework, that’s her job. It took the BBC precisely 1 minute and 15 seconds to associate this way of life with neo-Nazism. Twitter followed suit with users reacting with displeasure that the BBC would showcase something so appalling. 

After the initial broadcast and subsequent backlash, Alena made the rounds on several British morning shows to defend the lifestyle that millions of women across the world have embraced. Hosts grilled her with insinuations that her way of life was ‘unrealistic’ or that her husband’s role was more important than hers. The show hosts were vigilant in their insistence that feminism is about choice, but it was obvious they felt Alena and women like her had made the wrong choice. 

Sadly, demeaning stay at home mothers everywhere and calling them racist for doing so was not enough for the media as The Times UK attempted to one-up this idiocy by publishing a piece that likened trad wives to extremism and a subservient class of women similar to ISIS brides. A description I suppose is fairly accurate as I often plot to behead my enemies while making French toast.

The contempt for traditional wives continued down under when an Australian mom’s Facebook post was the criticized by The Today Show. 

The original post read “I always make sure I don’t go to bed until everyone’s lunches are packed, their clothes are set out for the next day including my husband’s and the house is clean, dishwasher is on and load of washing is on,” Brooke Smith posted on Facebook.

“I always get up early, 4:30 with husband to make his breakfast and coffee,” she added.

The hosts couldn’t even read through the excerpt in full without scoffing at the mere thought of a mother’s regimen to keep her home clean and husband fed. 

“Who? Who are these people?” responded a male host, adding, “Has he hypnotized her or something? Who does this stuff? Making his breakfast and then putting his clothes out…is he disabled or something?”

“Seriously, get a grip, get off your bum and do stuff yourself,” he continued.

For the record, the husband in question owns an MMA gym. So not only does he endure the stress of providing for his family and his employees, his job is also physically demanding. But I wouldn’t expect a man in makeup that gives his opinion for a living to understand that.

The reactions of television hosts and media elites around the globe would have you believe that trad wives are some sort of fringe group, relegated to wealthy suburbs. But is that really the case?

Surface level data figures confirm the notion that millions of mothers are schlepping their offspring to daycare and working full time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 70% of mothers are in the work force, 75% of which are full time. Therefore, in a group of 100 mothers, 70 will work and 52 of them will work full time with 18 working part time. This makes the ratio between the full-time working moms and the part-time/non-working moms appear a little more even but let’s dive even further into the numbers.  

Of those 52 full time working moms, 33% of them are in fact single moms, totaling 17 mothers. Single parent households don’t have the luxury of choosing whether to work or not. Presumably, with a partner in the picture, at least of few of the single moms would prefer to stay at home or work less.  It would be disingenuous for progressives to claim full-time single mother workers as some grand feat for the culture given that they don’t have the option to do otherwise. 

Even the category of ‘part-time’ has a rather broad definition of working less than 35 hours per week. This means a mother who puts in 32 hours is the same as myself who works about 3 hours per week. 

Furthermore, these are the figures for all mothers with a child under the age of 18. When you start to break down the children’s ages into sub groups, the younger the children are, the fewer women are present in the work force and the hours worked decrease. 

What these numbers actually show is that nearly half of all mothers, and OVER half of mothers with children under 6, are choosing to prioritize the family over career in some capacity. Whether that be not working at all or working partially, mothers want to take care of their families. Similar statistical figures can be found in the UK and Australia. From South Korea to Switzerland, women worldwide find value in raising their children and being homemakers. Contrary to the mainstream morons, Koreans aren’t breeding and donning aprons in preparation for the Fourth Reich. 

I have lived in five countries as a mother, from the Far East, the Middle East, Europe, and America. Everywhere I go, mothers want the same thing. To raise their own children AND work (a little). There isn’t a universal conspiracy among men to keep women housebound. Especially since we will apparently do their jobs for 77 cents on the dollar. Women simply want to be in the home.   

The stark reality is that for all of the media’s degradation of the trad wife, they are outnumbered by those of us that stay home. And perhaps it might humble them to realize that the particular demographic that is watching their 9 am talk show, are precisely the mothers who woke up early to make coffee and breakfast for their husbands.  

A Culture of Death

Want to know the worst place to visit after two mass shootings? Twitter. You won’t find any actual mourning, just allegations that the perpetrator belonged to the enemy’s tribe. There is no time for bereavement when political points are up for grabs.  Scattered among the Twitter quarrels are the denunciations from every person within the periphery of the public eye explicitly condemning the violent act. This is something I find quite odd. It’s as if it isn’t obvious that everyone abhors mass murderers. But perhaps it isn’t so obvious anymore. Hence, we are yet again plagued by the once sporadic and now monotonous mutiny that is the American mass shooter.  

The coming days will be bereft of attention for the victims. Instead we will be inundated with the motives as cited by the manifesto(s). This will be a fruitless effort however, because the manifesto is a farce. You won’t find the real reason for the murders in there, and you certainly won’t find the solution either. That’s because mass shootings aren’t the crux of the problem, they are the symptom. A symptom to a much bigger problem besetting our country.

The value of human life is an endangered moral value in the United States. A culture of death has perverted the populace. Abortion and assisted suicide are peddled as acts of empowerment. Pornography can be accessed literally anytime, anywhere. Woman have been completely degraded and encouraged by the culture to partake in such debauchery. Promiscuity is liberation while chastity is slavery. The culture is purging any remnants of human dignity.

Life didn’t use to be like this. We used to cherish the child in the womb, we used to care for the sick and elderly. We didn’t kill them out of convenience. Young people used to seek virtue. They used to aspire to have a family. Now they seek vacuous consumerism of overpriced items, sexual partners, and social media likes.   

Suicide rates have now hit a 30 year highin the United States. Rates of teen depression and suicide have skyrocketed since 2011. Psychologist and generational researcher, Jean M. Twenge, attributes this dramatic data change to the smart phone. Since the smart phone’s inception, teens are sleeping less, dating less, and spending more time alone. The data shows that teens are having less real-life human interaction than any previous generation. How can we teach the next generation to value other people if they spend no time with them?

The nuclear family is increasingly becoming atypical. Fathers, once essential, are now optional. Both parents now spend more time outside the home than with their offspring. Even those fortunate enough to have two parents are not spending quality time with them. Twenge’s research finds that families are actually spending more time in the home together but not engaging with each other, rather aimlessly gazing at their screens for hours.

This constant online engagement is proving to have a direct effect on user’s happiness levels. Data from the Monitoring the Future survey found that teens who spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy, and those who spend more time than average on non-screen activities are more likely to be happy.

Children are now raised on a steady diet of hedonism and screen time. They are deeply depressed and we are all completely desensitized to death. The fear and sympathy we feel in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy is on a brief autopilot and the emotions quickly dissipate thereafter. 

In a profound contradiction, the United States is experiencing a near-record-low murder rate while at the same time, half of America’s deadliest shootings have occurred since 2012. Even in countries in Central and South America, where gun homicide statistics rival the US figures, gun crime is overwhelmingly the result of gangs and illegal economies. It’s not often we hear of a Honduran boy shooting up his school in vengeance. The act of slaughtering strangers at random is a uniquely American problem and one that has only become common in the last 30 years. Guns have always been prevalent in the American household, regarded as a tool for survival, not nihilism. 

The guns or access to them haven’t changed. Our people have changed.

These shooters have grown up in a culture that teaches them human life is dispensable. If human life is invaluable before birth or when you are old or ill, why are the rest of us worth saving? These shooters are only applying the logic consistently, even deeming their own lives worthless. 

In addition to our dehumanizing culture, there is a deep lack of purpose in our society. Purpose used to be found in family, children, and religion, none of which are deemed important by today’s cultural standards. In fact, having a family is often cited as a pipedream for those riddled with mountains of debt or senseless for young adults who are stuck in a perpetual state of adolescence.

When the next shooting happens… and it will happen, don’t reach for the device that is slowly turning all of us mad so you can tell the world how upset you are. Don’t preach to the rest of us about gun control as if making good people helpless will suddenly make bad people harmless. You can’t save the world or the country, but you might be able to save yourself and your immediate family. Teach your children the value of human life, shield them from our degenerate culture, spend large quantities of quality time with them, reinvigorate your relationship with God, and for f*ck’s sake, get off the goddamn phone. Only when we all take the small steps to improve ourselves and our immediate family, then we might possibly see an improvement in society as a whole. Even then, you might not be able to prevent a child or loved one from being the victim of a mass shooting, but you could prevent them from becoming the executor. 

Trannies Win the Oppression Olympics

I’ve often wondered which marginalized demographic is the most sought after. Whenever leftists congregate they get into a Texas Hold Em’ style betting match bragging about their accomplished victim status.

Liberal 1 – “Hi, I’m black.”

Liberal 2 – “Hi, I’m also black but also gay.”

Liberal 3 – “Well, I’m also black, gay, and I’m undocumented.”

Liberal 4 – “Oh yeah, well I’m black, gay, undocumented, disabled AND transgender.”

Everyone gazes in awe at this perfect specimen of oppression and then proceeds to share their preferred pronouns.

If you are still unsure which of these subjugated minorities resides in the coveted top tier, it is undoubtedly the transgenders. This has been made abundantly clear based on the brazen degenerate behavior of one Jonathan Yaniv. 

Jonathan is a transgender female (so a dude), apparently goes by Jessica and prefers to be referred to as she/her. However, I will not be referring to this cretin as Jessica or she/her.

(For the record, I would usually oblige one’s pronouns out of politeness, despite the absurdity, but as I suspect Yaniv is faking being transgender to exploit young girls, I will not extend him the courtesy.)  

Johnathan Yaniv has filed a total of 16 complaints against beauty salons in Canada after they refused to perform a Brazilian wax on him. Mr. Yaniv has not transitioned and still has male genitalia. This obviously makes for an incredibly uncomfortable situation for the female waxing staff at these businesses, many of which are owned by immigrants. One salon owner, an immigrant from Brazil, has closed her business due to Yaniv’s incessant harassment to wax his balls.

Yaniv has taken his complaint all the way to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. This tax-payer funded entity is actually taking Yaniv’s ludicrous complaint seriously and might possibly rule that salons must provide him the waxing service. The Canadian government is earnestly considering forcing women to touch male genitalia, essentially making this state sanctioned sexual assault. 

Johnathan is also using the means of his local city council to obtain a permit for an “All-Bodies Swim’ event where teenage girls, as young as 12, will be permitted to swim topless. Mr. Yaniv is masquerading this pedophilic soiree as an ‘LGBTQ2S+’ event that is meant to be ‘safe and inclusive.’ This inclusivity does not include parents however, as the appeal states parents are prohibited from attending.

How both the Canadian federal government and local council are even considering Jonathan Yaniv’s obvious perverted requests is beyond ominous. No one in the Canadian government is batting an eye when this ogre in a dress arrives at city hall demanding access to topless teens and mandated testicle fondling. 

If these details weren’t vile enough, Johnathan also has a sick obsession with young girls and their menstrual cycle. In a series of messages that can be viewed here (warning, they are disgusting), Jonathan allegedly discusses approaching young girls, aged 10-12, and discussing the use of feminine hygiene products with them. He even asks if he should ‘teach’ young girls how to use feminine products.

His sexual predator status could not be clearer if he had just arrived at a New Jersey beach house with pizza and beer only to be greeted by Chris Hansen when he walked in the door. In fact, one victim has already come out publicly and alleged that Yaniv engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviors online with her when she was between the ages of 14 and 15. The victim has confirmed she has filed a child exploitation report against Yaniv. Screenshots of his online conversations and recordings can be found in the hyperlink. Again, they are overtly sexual and disgusting.  

While it appears the Canadian authorities are going to tolerate Johnathan Yaniv’s conduct, private citizens have tried to sound the alarm about Yaniv on Twitter, but have paid the price for their forewarnings. Meghan Murphy, who owns the website Feminist Current, wrote an article detailing Yaniv’s litigious zealotry and in doing so referred to Mr. Yaniv correctly as ‘him.’ For this crime of accuracy, Murphy was banned from Twitter. Free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd suffered the same fate as Murphy when she engaged with Yaniv on Twitter and also referred to him as a man. During his online quarrel with Shepherd, Yaniv made fun of a medical condition Shepherd suffers from known as septate uterus, which is known to cause high rates of pregnancy loss. Yaniv has received no suspension or termination for his insults. 

So according to the speech overlords at Twitter, calling a man a man is grounds for account termination, but using social media for sexual predation and attacking women for medical conditions is perfectly acceptable.

What we are witnessing is a trend of creeping pedophilia, deemed perfectly acceptable by the Canadian government and Twitter. In normal society, child predators are the worst of the worst. Even in prison, the child rapists are regarded as the most lowly of scum. But apparently, at least in Canada and on Twitter, child exploitation is acceptable if the perpetrator is transgender. Yaniv is even able to torment leftist allies like feminists and immigrants and can do so with impunity, as they are below him in the tier.

It is clear now that the trannies are untouchable… which is why I now identify as a man. 

Trump Is Right, GTFO

Liberals had yet another collective brain aneurism in response to one of President Trump’s tweets in which he suggested that certain progressive members of Congress should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” Some supporters are claiming that he is actually referring to the US Districts from which they came but I think it’s pretty clear he is indicating returning to foreign countries. This would prove a bit difficult given that of the four Democratic agitators he is invoking in the tweet (Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA)), Omar is the only one not native born.

The tweet is poorly delivered, childish, and certainly unproductive discourse. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. Liberals need to GTFO. 

I used to be a liberal… until I left America and realized how awful the rest of the world is. I used to believe in all of the ideas the Democratic party spouts today: universal health care, gun control, $15 minimum wage, and higher taxes just to name a few. This was until I saw how they worked in practice, which is to say, they didn’t work. 

When I moved to the UK, I was ecstatic to have access to ‘free’ health care. Little did I know that the ‘free’ care was paid for with about 40-50% of my earnings. My socialized medicine optimism worsened when I realized what I would be getting for half my salary: waiting several months for basic procedures like an MRI scan, limited access to cancer screenings and basic check-ups as the NHS would only cover these appointments once every three years, and no access to simple prescription drugs which were readily available in America. I’m so thankful to be returning to a country that offers private insurance as the NHS performance statistics are appalling.

I was also convinced that the UK’s strict gun control policy would make me a lot safer than in America. Local news stories indicated that in fact guns are not eradicated from the tiny island, rather, only possessed by the worst members of society, leaving the rest of us helpless should we come into contact with a criminal. Just today my nephew was telling me of a schoolmate who was arrested for possession of a firearm this past weekend. For those unfortunate souls living in London and currently experiencing the worst crime wave in decades, law-abiding citizens have no way to protect themselves from machete wielding thieves. And even if you are able to fight off an intruder without weaponry, you can still be potentially punished for defending yourself.

In Australia, I was earning the state mandated $15 per hour for the simple task of pouring pints of beer at the beach. Again, my payday enthusiasm soon faded when I calculated the price of all the basic necessities I needed to live. Everything was incredibly expensive. An hour’s work would barely afford me one of the cocktails I was hired to make. My inflated paycheck wasn’t being bankrolled by some rich guy hoarding cash. It was paid for by higher priced commodities like food, utilities, and petrol.

Any liberal who is espousing socialism or any other form of big government intervention should do exactly what I did. Leave the United States. Don’t worry you can return, presumably with your tail between your legs when you realize how great America is. But if you genuinely believe in these ideas, move to your perceived utopia and live under the rules you want to force upon the rest of us. Anytime I debate a leftist on progressive policies like the examples above, almost never have they had the displeasure of having experienced them in real life. They have always lived in the comforts of the freest country in the world.

If you want to see how great socialized medicine works, come to the UK and break your leg. If you want to see how great gun control works, take a leisurely stroll around any British council estate after sundown. And hell, if you want $15 an hour for flipping burgers, go to Seattle and be unemployed.

As for the claims that the tweet is racist, it is not. Is it racist when British people tell me to leave their country when I complain about how excessively taxed I am in their nation? No, it isn’t. They just don’t appreciate someone insulting their country, and neither do Americans.

The likes of Occasio-Cortez and Tlaib will claim that Trump’s attack on them is solely because of their skin color or gender. Rest assured ladies, no one cares that you are brown, we care that you are stupid. 

The Green Road to Serfdom… My Apologies Mr Hayek

With over two dozen Democratic presidential candidates promising voters a surfeit of free stuff; college, health care, reparations, etc., one candidate is trying to break away from the pack by not just offering free stuff but also proposing an expensive and invasive government program that makes the New Deal look cost-effective. The candidate is Washington state governor Jay Inslee (don’t worry, I’ve never heard of him either.) 

Governor Inslee’s Evergreen Economy Plan is essentially a more thorough and detailed version of the Green New Deal. While one can appreciate the candidate has actually provided implementation particulars for his strategy to achieve environmental nirvana, the specifics are not revolutionary ideas but rather hackneyed statist philosophies. The plan literally reads like an excerpt from the ‘looters’ in Atlas Shrugged. Written in the usual government jargon, the deal is packed full of recycled progressive bromides that promise utopia… for the bargain price of $9 trillion dollars and the loss free market autonomy. 

In short, the massive spending program seeks to green all buildings, homes, appliances, manufacturing facilities, cars, infrastructure, etc. Inslee guarantees that 8 million new jobs will be created by putting “millions of Americans to work cutting pollution and energy bills for households and businesses through energy efficiency and electrification upgrades in millions of existing residential and commercial buildings throughout the country.” These upgrades will be financed through loans offered by CEDA (Clean Energy Deployment Authority) to various electric companies throughout the country. CEDA, also referred to as the ‘green bank’ in the plan, will allocate $90 billion in ‘initial’ federal investment (so $90 billion is just a starting figure) that will “provide low-cost investment for projects in market segments where the private sector is underinvesting. This financing will be deployed as low-cost loans and loan guarantees that will earn a return for CEDA, allowing it to cost-effectively support clean energy transformation on an ongoing basis.” Imagine thousands of mini Solyndra’s spanning across the country… great plan. Pro-tip, when the private sector is NOT investing, it usually means there is no money to be made.

The overly ambitious proposal claims that it will save all Americans money on their energy consumption in the future, the particulars prove otherwise. One citation reads, “Establishing a reserve fund for inclusive financing through utility on-bill investments in cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades for all customers, regardless of income, credit score, or renter status.” Utility on-bill investments means an added tax onto your current utility bill which will be used to finance the loans provided by CEDA. ‘Inclusive’ financing means loans will be offered regardless of whether the borrower has the means to pay back the loan or not.

However, the proposal does intend to cut costs for some consumers through welfare programs. “Expanding and updating the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to streamline eligibility verification across federal and state programs and also to allow low-income consumers the option to pay energy bills that include efficiency, solar energy, and beneficial electrification.” Meaning, after all of our energy bills rise thanks to the “on-bill investment,” taxpayers will also pay more to offset the higher cost of energy for the poor. 

Further aspects of the Evergreen Economy Plan reek of the authoritarian intervention practiced during 20th century communism. “Giving the USDA a leading role in driving both innovation in: enhancing ecosystem services; and developing and deploying innovative business models that put these systems to work to create new revenue streams to support the livelihood of farming communities.” Translation: bureaucrats working in posh, air-conditioned buildings in Washington D.C. are going to tell farmers in the Midwest how to do their jobs. This type of rhetoric and governmental oversight has usually ended very badly. When Stalin and Mao controlled the Soviet Union and China, both leaders employed government agricultural ‘experts’ to improve farming techniques. These experts believed that they could create hybrid fruit trees, grow oranges in Siberia, and instructed peasants to plough furrows five feet deep and plant seeds very close together. These techniques were supposed to increase crop yields ten-fold. Instead they caused widespread famine and starved millions. Just imagine when President AOC mandates farmers plant yuca in upstate New York.   

Governor Inslee’s environmental agenda is not confined within US borders; he hopes to convince other countries to accede to his climate demands by threatening to cut off trade.Ensuring that America’s trading policies support, and do not undermine, the global transition toward clean energy, endeavor to close the carbon loophole, and promote continuous climate pollution reductions across nations. This could include potential enforcement of trade policies against certain imports from nations that are not committed to reciprocal restraints on their climate pollution.”

While this may potentially make American trips to Walmart more expensive, this does have an upside. It will finally force progressives to confront the real polluters of the world like China and India rather than pretending the United States is the sole climate change criminal.

There isn’t an aspect of human life the Evergreen Economy Plan doesn’t seek to control: pensions, minimum wage, education, trade, public transport, public housing, and of course, social justice. The only thing the plan is missing is how we will create the magical trees that will grow all the money needed to pay for it.

Dear Conservatives, Republicans Will Not Save You

Last week, Facebook and Instagram officially banned Alex Jones, Infowars, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and Louis Farrakhan. Not only are these individuals restricted from using the sites, but even current, authorized users are forbidden from sharing their work, lest they be banned as well. It is the most Orwellian overreach that everyone knew was eventually coming… which is why conservatives shouldn’t feign outrage. 

We have known for a long time that this was going to happen. Thanks to the excellent undercover work at Project Veritas, we have long been aware of the shadow banning and deceptive algorithms developed in Silicon Valley to censor conservatives. Simultaneously, we have been witnessing the slow and hilarious painful death of the Democratic party. Every bombshell report to crucify President Trump has failed miserably, the Mueller report proved nothing, and the economy is doing great. Leftists cannot make a coherent argument that doesn’t involve physical violence and the party has been reduced to promising terrorists the right to vote and infanticide. It has truly been a pleasure watching them descend into the bowels of lunacy. Naturally, the IT California communists were going to have to massively intervene to save these morons from hanging themselves. 

But now conservatives are demanding government intervention on the grounds of violations of free speech. Any conservative who thinks the government will save us from Silicon Valley is just as foolish as the Bernie Bro who thinks the government will deliver superlative health care. The government will not save us. We have to save ourselves.  

First and foremost, there is a debate as to whether a legal basis exists to regulate social media platforms. This is dependent upon whether these sites are designated as platforms or publishers. If social media is a platform, that means they are not responsible for the content created by users on their site. It’s the same as Verizon Wireless not being responsible for what you say on their telephone line. As a publisher though, if something is published on the site that is libelous or a copyrighted, then the publisher can be sued. However, this only applies to information released specifically by the publisher, not a third party using the site like for example a commenter. If the Times posts an article with factual information (a rare occurrence) but a commenter posts something nasty or defamatory in relation to the article, the Times is not responsible. One legal argument is that that standard changes once the entity starts removing commenters/users. If the platform starts removing posts or denying service not based on clearly articulated standard, then the platform is now acting more like a publisher and could be subject to legislation. 

I don’t find this a particularly strong argument though because any business anywhere in the United States is allowed to refuse service to anyone for any reason (except if you are a Christian bakery). You don’t have a constitutional right to Facebook. Perhaps another legal recourse is to mandate terms of service be more clearly defined in which case these sites could just be honest and refuse to host conservative users, which is their right.

Even if there were some other legislative path forward, how can anyone on the right trust that the Republicans in Congress will follow through? They failed to deliver on the wall, they failed to kill Obama Care after years of promising to, they can’t curtail spending or reduce the debt. They can’t even defund Planned Parenthood and now we are supposed to have faith they will protect us from Big Tech. Republicans couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel.   

Furthermore, any legislation passed to preserve our presence on the progressive owned social media sites will be immediately in jeopardy once a President AOC and her comrades get into power. We would only be buying time. 

Our only option is to build our own platforms and thankfully we have already won this battle before. Conservatives dominate talk radio and YouTube, despite attempts to silence us too. We have to persevere and recreate the success of our conservative elders like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. Luckily, social networks committed to the free and open exchange of ideas already exist like Gab, Dissenter, Minds, and BitChute. We might as well flee now. 

This won’t minimize the huge obstacles we will still face. Leftists will still sabotage our efforts by targeting advertisers, payment processors, and refusing new platforms access to the app store. One thing we can rely on though is the left’s assurance to eat their own. They can convince PayPal now to not do business with certain conservative thinkers. But eventually they’ll turn on the corporations themselves citing the mythical wage gap or because these businesses don’t have enough black, transgender Muslims on their board of directors. Let the economic balkanization commence and watch those who bend the knee to the left suffer. Progressivism is not good for business. Just look at the down vote ratios for the Gillette ad and Pantene’s new She Search Engine ad. 

Many on the right don’t seem as concerned with this new social media standard and even celebrated the removal of Alex Jones and others. “They can’t ban all of us” they say. Actually, they can and they will attempt to do so until every person to the right of Chairman Mao is offline. 

Make no mistake, this is only the first round of the conservative online purge and the subsequent guilty by association change in the terms of service is a substantial escalation in the ideological war. It will get considerably worse from here. My bet is that they now go after lesser known conservatives before they accelerate again and take out some big key players. They might even go after some very intelligent, well-travelled, articulate bloggers who know how to argue… which is why you should definitely put your email into that subscription box to the right of the page.

No More Spanish For Hispanics… Sorry Hombre

Anne Coulter once said that sometimes it can be difficult to debate liberals because every so often they say something so incomprehensibly stupid that you don’t even know how to respond to such utter retardation. This is one of those moments. Imagine being so daft that you don’t even know that Spanish comes from Spain? Guaranteed the person who wrote the above excerpt took out at least $100k in debt to become indoctrinated with this garbage and thinks there are an infinite number of genders.

But rather than try and convince leftists that this philosophy is unintelligible and racist, I am in total agreement with them. Speaking another civilization’s language is indeed cultural appropriation and I won’t stand for such bigotry. That’s why I propose that from this point forward Central Americans should no longer be allowed to speak Spanish. They must now speak Aztec.

Unfortunately for the commenter above, Spanish is indeed a white language. Sure, the Spaniards are slightly tanner and better looking than the rest of us European mutts, but they are European and white. Sorry liberals, Spanish belongs to the whites. 

While I understand this language change will be drastic, fear not, the Aztec language, formally known as Nahuatl is still spoken by at least 1.5 million people in Mexico today! So, it can easily be reintroduced into the cultures south of our border. Unfortunately, they won’t be allowed to use the Roman alphabet that the Spaniards introduced to the natives when they translated Aztec into written word for the indigenous people. Unlucky for Western Hispanics, the Roman alphabet belongs to European whites too and simply allowing them to continue using it would only reinforce the elements of European imperialism, white supremacy, and be a daily reminder of the genocide committed against the native cultures. Instead, Aztec speakers will have to return to pictograms used before the evil, white Conquistadors arrived and supplied the alphabet, the wheel, and draft animals.

In better news, the new Aztec speakers will be allowed to use the unique numerical symbols created by their ancestors as well as the Aztec calendar. Additionally, now uninhibited from the shackles of Western morals and what is deemed appropriate behavior, these indigenous people should be free, better yet encouraged, to re-establish the practice of human sacrifice. After all culture is relative and who are we to judge other civilization’s customs.

Leftists are absolutely right when they demand that any remnants of colonialism among non-whites be destroyed. It’s only fair that we unburden these poor minorities with the language our ancestors forced them to speak. We must take back the Spanish language and permit only white Europeans to use it… except Beto O’Rourke. He will only be allowed to speak in Gaelic.

Empathy: A Unique Characteristic of the West & How We Are Losing It

The destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral sent shockwaves across the western world. Notre Dame isn’t just a Cathedral, it’s a symbol of western civilization. A structure that signifies the West’s love for beauty, architecture, art, and God. The men who built the church knew they would never live to see its beautiful completion. That’s a dedication no one of the modern age can understand. But while westerners wept for the cherished holy site, others celebrated its demise. This is the fundamental difference between the West and everywhere else: empathy.  

As live footage of the enflamed building hit the internet, comment sections were simultaneously flooded with despicable cheers of glee, smiley face emojis, and accusations of karma for colonialization. The vile, disgusting specimens of human excrement were either non-western or self-loathing western leftists joining in the merriment. You can find excerpts of this garbage below. I also encourage you to check out Andy Ngo’s and Paul Joseph Watson’s coverage of those pleased with the fire.

A snapshot of some of the commenters celebrating the fire at Notre Dame.

These individuals were not lurking on the dark web to express their adoration for the fire. They were unabashedly showcasing their excitement on mainstream media like France 24 and Al Jazeera (which should give you a good indication of the lineage of some of the commenters.) Also note that these comments were made while the fire was still ablaze, BEFORE authorities confirmed that there were no casualties. The lack of concern for human life is astounding.

Contrast this brazen behavior with the West’s reaction to other worldly atrocities, whether they be natural disasters or man-made tragedies. When an earthquake hits Japan, we don’t say “Haha, that’s for Pearl Harbor!” When a terrorist blows himself up in a Turkish airport we don’t call that retribution for Constantinople. 

When an Australian psychopath gunned down 50 Muslims during Friday prayers, CNN wasn’t overwhelmed with reverence for the shooter. Instead, Westerners expressed sympathy and sadness. There is an odd air of collective guilt whenever one of our own commits such an abominable act. We don’t celebrate or ignore it. Instead, we don hijabs in solidarity with the victims and broadcast the call to prayer over our cities. The West looks inward and asks what did we do wrong. The left blames poverty, lack of resources, or the gun; conservatives blame family structure or lack of it. Nevertheless, there is a bipartisan consensus that perhaps we could have done something to prevent it. Other cultures do not share this communal culpability when one of their brethren commits mass murder.

The joyous rhetoric for the destruction of one of our holy sites should show westerners why it’s so important to safeguard our culture and why we must be mindful of who we let in to share it with. I have been fortunate enough to see many foreign wonders like The Great Wall, Angkor Wat, Stonehenge, and the Grand Mosque. It would never bring me pleasure to see any of those cultural treasures destroyed. But that sentiment is not shared equally amongst all cultures and certainly not reciprocated towards our own.

Even more concerning is the western shame within our own citizenry. We can protect ourselves from the outsiders who care not for the glorious beauty our culture has created. The real danger lies within our own borders, with our kin who are so indoctrinated into anti-Western propaganda that they would have happily supplied more kerosene to the raging fire. The left doesn’t mourn the loss of the symbols of our civilization, especially if they have anything to do with Christianity. The empathy that we have for others derives precisely from our Judeo-Christian values, which is exactly why leftists don’t have any. They despise our culture and the virtues it represents. The more of our culture that we concede to leftism, the more we risk losing the cherished virtue of empathy.

One might also point out that the absolutely thoughtless “they deserved it” logic of these anti-western civilization trolls does not bode well when applied to other nations. If we are to accept that modern day disasters are karmic social justice for past wrong-doing, one might only look to the most dysfunctional countries in the world like Haiti, Bangladesh, or most African nations and have to conclude that those countries’ ancestors must have been so remarkably and inextricably evil that they warrant the insufferable conditions that their populace live in today. If our worst vengeance is the loss of a church, then by leftist logic, that only proves the moral superiority of Western culture. 

A Brief Recap of the Media Hating White People

Last week, conservatives had the best week ever with the Mueller report asserting no collusion, $1 billion in border wall funds secured, Michael Avenatti arrested, the Green New Deal unanimously voted down, and Obamacare ruled unconstitutional by a federal court. The only way the week could have been better is if Jussie Smollett got his ass kicked for real this time. To cope with the devastation, leftist media took some time out to reflect on their incredibly flawed logic and rethink how they could have gotten it all so wrong. Just kidding, they spent the entire week shitting on white people. 

The first anti-white news story came when Us director, Jordan Peele told the Hollywood Reporter “I don’t see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie. Not that I don’t like white dudes. But I’ve seen that movie.” To be fair, I don’t really consider Peele’s statement that controversial. He is correct when he notes the absence of black leads in horror films. And certainly, if Us is as good as Get Out, then horror film aficionados like myself can’t wait to watch more of Peele’s work. But the quality of Peele’s films has nothing to do with the fact that he or the cast is black. It is because he is a good director, the story is compelling, and the acting is well done. Skin color does not determine talent. 

The next story came out of Savannah, Georgia where a public mayoral candidate meeting restricted any white members of the media from attending, brazenly putting up signage stating ‘Black Press Only.’ One of the mayoral candidates, Alderman Van Johnson, was interviewed afterward and offered no immediate condemnation for the blatant racism. He did apologize two days later however. Perhaps it dawned on him that he might actually have to placate the white constituents of Savannah.  

The following day Facebook announced that it would be banning white nationalist and white separatist content from the platform. Now I am no ethno-state advocate, after all my husband wouldn’t be allowed into Richard Spencer’s utopia, but the new Facebook regulations along with the previous two stories have a common denominator. None would pass the ‘shoe on the other foot’ test. No white director would ever be allowed to say what Jordan Peele said, nationwide outrage would ensue at any ‘whites only’ signage, and black separatist groups like the Black Hebrew Israelites are still present on Facebook. Perhaps this is the new form of the soft bigotry of low expectations, where whites are held to a higher moral standard. In the same way minority students are admitted entry into universities with much lower test scores, progressives think so poorly of minorities that they don’t even think they are capable of basic human decency and not being racist towards whites, hence they’ll allow it. 

But the trash whitey media still had more bias excrement to push when a study was published that asserts white peoples’ diets disproportionately hurt the environment as their food requires more water and greenhouse gases to produce. The offending foods include beef, potatoes, apples, and milk. However, this study should not be confused with the PNAS study that alleges whites disproportionately contribute to air pollution. Mind you, the data set for ‘white people’ in the PNAS study oddly includes Asians and Native Americans. Poor Asians, they are slowly losing their minority status for the crime of being productive members of society. I have yet to confirm whether this same measure of academic integrity applies to the “white peoples’ food is racist” study. 

But my personal favorite of the week comes from the op-ed page of The New York Times, titled I Broke Up With Her Because She’s White. This one is particularly special because in the writer’s pathetic attempt to look ‘woke’ he actually reveals the true disdain for whites within minority communities, something I know about firsthand. The author, who is of Dominican decent, reveals the pressure put on him by his community stating “brown and black people in my community started giving me a hard time about dating white women.” As someone in an inter-racial marriage, I know this is to be absolute fact. Despite the left’s pitiful attempts to always portray whites as uncomfortable with mixed relationships, the animosity I myself have faced has invariably come from non-whites. Thankfully, my melanin-rich (and extremely good-looking) husband had the courage to tell the naysayers to piss off, unlike the spineless coward who wrote this tripe. None of my friends or family have ever chastised me for dating outside of my race/religion/culture. In fact, leftists always assume I’m one of them because of it. Darker husbands tend to invoke invitations to progressive dinner parties… and subsequent dis-invitations when they find out I’m conservative. 

The Times author goes on to share the touching moment his mother disclosed her pregnancy to his father. In that moment they “made a commitment to give us children everything they never had, to strive and achieve and provide for us….” These noble aspirations were chided by members of their own community with allegations of ‘trying to act white.’ This self-inflicted degradation and stupidity are rife within minority communities. And in my humble but usually correct opinion, this is what holds them back. It is precisely this attitude toward success that infuriates me. Whites do not equate productive behavior and success to being white; minorities do, as evidenced by the author’s own words. You don’t get to constantly complain about white incomes, wealth, and educational attainment while simultaneously degrading the very behavior it takes to achieve those things. 

Word of advice to minorities, stop shitting on each other for trying to better your life. You know what my children will never have to deal with? They will never be made fun of for speaking proper English. Minority children do not have the same luxury, and that is categorically the fault of the adult minorities within their community. But I’m sure some liberal arts graduate can find a way to blame whites for minorities self-destructive behavior. Check the comment section later.

The week ended with the nauseating twitter hashtag, #mywhiteprivilege. Tweeters shared banal and fictitious stories that they consider to be evidence of this illusive privilege. One woman complained of the fact that she can walk into any hair salon and they will know how to cut and color her hair, and this apparently exemplifies her privilege. I guess she never considered the fact that she lives in a majority white country so naturally market forces would supply services to the largest demographic. I myself am wholly offended by my lack of this same privilege living in China. How dare Chinese hair salons not be fully stocked with every shade of trailer trash blonde to accommodate my needs?!? 

Another user alleged that he was able to evade prosecution for DUI, reckless driving, 16 tickets, marijuana possession, and leave jail under a $100 bond, all because he is white. This assuredly did not happen… unless he is a member of the Kennedy family.  

Alas, there was still a plethora of white shaming by the media in regards to how Democratic presidential candidates with the plague of pale skin can overcome this fault by choosing running mates of darker complexions to make that perfect caramel colored running ticket. At this point, the only way a white person wins the Democratic primary is if they strip naked and parade around the town square, Cersi Lanister style, and atone for the sin of being white. 

But rest assured, for the wise folks reading this blog, it is indeed ok to be white.  

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